On this week’s Bates Motel Norman was held captive, Norma was at her whit’s end, Dylan tried to finish a job, and Romero and Emma were finding ways to get information from Norma.

The Breakdown

On this week’s episode of Bates Motel entitled The Box Norman found himself inside of a box. He had been taken to the woods and put into a large box with holes on the top.

Norma snuck into the house quietly after spending the night at George’s house. After changing her clothes she went to wake Norman only to find that he was not there. She soon learned that Nick Ford’s men had taken Norman. Nick told Norma that unless Dylan did what he was asked to do, then Norman would be killed.

Norma went to visit Dylan and explained the situation. She asked Dylan what Nick needed him to do. Dylan told her that Nick wanted him to kill someone. Although disturbed, Norma felt that Dylan should do what Nick wanted in order to get Norman back safely.

When Nick’s men opened to box to give Norman some food, he tried to escape. He was captured quickly but not before dropping the pearls and newspaper clipping of Ms. Watson from his pocket onto the ground. Nick’s man picked up the items, which he later gave to Nick, and Norman was put back into the box.

Romero went to see Norman and Norma told him that he was sick. Romero told Norma about the semen found in Ms. Watson and that it belonged to Norman.

Emma was growing more and more concerned about being left out of what was going on with the Bates family. She ended up paying a visit to Norma giving her 2 weeks’ notice. She explained that she felt left out and that all she wanted was to be included and try to help. Norma accepted her notice and closed the door without telling Emma anything.

Dylan found out where Zane was hiding out from Jodi and paid him a visit. Unfortunately, he found Zane with a few of his buddies and had no opportunity to kill him. Zane seemed like he knew why Dylan was there, emptied Dylan’s’ weapon, and sent him on his way.

George paid a visit to Norma at the motel with flowers and a “thank you” for the previous night the spent together. But, Norma was in no mood. She flipped out on George, again talking about how he lives a privileged life, and then kicked him out. Emma was in her car in the parking lot when she heard the shouting and saw George run out to his car. Norma ran after him, trying to apologize, but it was too late. George drove off in a hurry while Norma looked on and Emma ran over to comfort her.

In the box, Norman began having a mental breakdown of sorts. He was seeing visions of his mother and heard her saying that she would always be there beside him. Norman was definitely not doing well.

Dylan went to visit Nick to let him know he was unsuccessful in killing Zane. Nick was less than understanding and the two began fight. Dylan knocked Nick to the ground with a fireplace poker. When he checked to see if Nick was still alive, it appeared that he was not, so Dylan took off.

Romero went to visit Norma and again asked to talk to Norman. Norma tried to tell him that Norman was still ill and unable to speak with him. Romero pushed his way into the house and started up the stairs. It was then that Norma told him Norman was not there and that Nick Ford had him. She told Romero that Dylan needed to kill someone in order to get Norman back safely. Romero rushed out of the house saying that he would take care of it.

Back in the box, Norman began having flashbacks of the night Ms. Watson was murdered. He saw himself have sex with her and then cut her throat.

The Analysis

This week’s episode of Bates Motel brought several story lines together in preparation for next week’s season finale.

I believe that Norman will make it out of that box somehow. But, I do think that his time in there will play into the odd mental state he is already in.

Dylan taking out Nick will definitely stir some things up on the finale. Jodi and Zane may be thrilled or it could possibly spark more towards the family drug war already taking place.

Romero once again shows up to help out the Bates family. I cannot wait to see where he heads after finding out that Norman was kidnapped by Nick. I am thinking he will end up being the one to find Nick dead.

Then there is poor Emma. She just wants to be included as part of the family, odd as that is. I would be surprised if she really quit working at the motel. Hopefully they include her more in next week’s finale by having her discover some of what has been going on.

What did you think of this week’s Bates Motel? Next week is the season finale, so don’t forget to tune in to A&E next Monday night or check back here for the recap if you miss it!