On this week’s Bates Motel Norma and Norman finally had it out, Dylan got deeper in the drug family war which worsened, and Sheriff Romero confronted Norman about his relationship with Ms. Watson.

The Breakdown

On this week’s episode of Bates Motel entitled Meltdown Norman kept up his cold front with his mother. Although pleasant enough, he was distant and it lasted throughout the episode.

Nick approached Norma about Dylan. He told her that he needed her to do him a favor by setting up a meeting between the two men. Norma was very reluctant and explained to Nick that she and Dylan had not spoken in a while, but it was obvious that she needed to contact Dylan.

Sheriff Romero struggled with the news delivered on last week’s episodes by one of his officers that Norman’s DNA matched that found in Ms. Watson from the night she was killed.

Dylan awoke outside of Nick’s building where the gunfire had ensued on the last episode. The sound of police sires woke him in the injured state he was in, but he quickly found his way out of the area before being spotted. He then tried to talk to Jodi, the big boss, about the situation. However, Zane arrived and he and his sister started to argue. Zane said he had a plan to get Nick out of the picture, but Dylan and Jodi were not in agreement.

Nick showed up at Norma’s house only to find her out. However, Norman was home and after Nick explained that he wanted to wait for Norma, Norman invited him in. Nick explained that Ms. Watson was his daughter and asked why Norman took pictures of him by Ms. Watson’s grave. Norman explained that he thought Nick may have been the one to murder Ms. Watson (not knowing who he was at the time).

Nick then let Norma know, while Norman was in the kitchen, that she does owe him. He told her that if it was not for him, the other council member would not have been died and that he got her that seat on the city council. Norma flipped out and kicked him out.

Norma decided to visit Dylan in person, with help from Emma, after her phone calls to him went unanswered. Norma ended up in Dylan’s office on the dock and seemed almost impressed with his digs. She told Dylan about Nick’s request for a meeting. Dylan denied the request and told Norma to stay away from Nick.

Sheriff Romero pulled Dylan over as he was driving down the road. With a bit of brute force, Romero let Dylan know that he was on the hunt for Zane. Dylan told him that he had no idea where Zane was at the time.

George showed up at the motel to tell Norma the good news – the bypass project was on hold. She was thrilled! George then told her he wanted to be more than friends with her and she agreed to go on a date with him. She was to meet him at his place for dinner that night.

Norma continued to try and talk to Norman, but he insisted that everything was fine. He even shared some of his taxidermy work in their living room – Norma was less than thrilled but did not let on.

Later Sheriff Romero tried to talk to Norman about Ms. Watson. He asked if the two had ever been intimate. Norman denied it, of course.

Dylan decided to meet with Nick. The two had a public meeting and Nick basically told Dylan that if he “takes care of Zane” then this war would be over. Dylan was less than receptive to Nick’s request. Nick continued to tell Dylan that other people could be mixed up in the situation and that Dylan should be concerned about his family. Dylan ended their conversation by telling Nick to stay away from Norma.

Norma’s date with George did not work out very well. She had the situation with Norman on her mind too much and could not relax to enjoy their dinner. She finally had a “meltdown” telling him that she does not go out with men like him, in homes like his, that she was uneducated, and then stormed out of the house as George called after her about the dinner he just cooked.

Norma arrived home and had it out with Norman. Norman explained that he could no longer trust her and that things were not the same between them. After trying to hide and lock himself in his room and Norma tried to get in, Norma finally gave up. She told him that if he really wanted to be alone, then fine. She stormed out of the house.

Norma drove back to George’s house, knocked on the door, and seduced him the second he let her in saying he had been waiting for that for a long time.

Dylan paid a visit to Jodi after his meeting with Nick. He did not tell her what was said; however, as they briefly talked she gave Dylan permission to take care of Zane, if he needed to. (Wow.)

Sheriff Romero tried to talk to Norman again about his relationship with Ms. Watson and also told him that a man had been convicted of her murder. The sheriff then explained that they found Norman’s DNA in Ms. Watson. Norman insisted he did not have sex with her and ran up to the house.

Once Norman got to his room, he grabbed Ms. Watson’s pearls and the newspaper clipping with her picture that were hidden under his mattress. He then heard a noise downstairs and assuming it was his mother he went to check it out. Suddenly, Norman was grabbed from behind with a cloth put over his face, knocking him out.

Norma was in bed with George when the episode ended.

The Analysis

Things really heated up on this week’s episode of Bates Motel!

Norma and Norman’s creepy relationship continued – it was like two married people having an argument! I am sure that Norman will come around because he does know that nobody knows him like his mother. Plus, if he ever wants to know what really happens to him during those blackouts then he better play nice with Norma to find out.

Dylan being involved in the local, family drug war is no surprise. I was really disappointed last week when he slept with Jodi, his boss. But, this week brought a lot more drama with Zane and Nick. I think this whole war will really come to a head in the next couple of episodes and am anxious to see who “wins”. I think that Nick has more cards to play and I am really wondering if Dylan will kill Zane to end this…and if so, what if that was Jodi’s plan all along?

Sheriff Romero seemed to be very protective suddenly of the Bates family. He told his officer not to speak about Norman’s DNA in Ms. Watson and kept trying to talk to Norma to get the truth – but, almost nicely, like he cared. This is weird. I am not sure why suddenly the sheriff seems to like that family when from the beginning it was always the opposite.

Norma and George finally moved to the next step or should I say steps (plural)? Norma has some serious issues with men. From her relationship with the deputy at the beginning to how she handled George this week, it is obvious. Is this because of what happened with her brother?

The ending was good with Norman being attacked/kidnapped/knocked out. I am anxious to see who exactly is responsible; although I am sure most fans believe it is someone from Nick’s group. If he is trying to get his point across to both Norma and Dylan, then it would make perfect sense.

What did you think of this week’s Bates Motel? There are only a couple of episodes left!