Sean Astin has been asking for this chance for years. In an interview with a TMZ reporter, Richard Donner finally made¬†Samwise Gamgee’s dream come true. Yes, children of the 80s, a Goonies sequel is coming.

In a world where everything is a remake, a reboot, an adaptation or a sequel, this might seem discouraging, but there is an entire generation of kids who lived out their desire to explore through the kids in The Goonies. That makes Donner’s news that he hopes to have the original cast back, or at least “Hopefully all of them.”

Let’s refresh memories and bring the young kids who have never see The Goonies up to date (and honestly, if you haven’t seen The Goonies, there is something wrong with your parents). The Goonies were¬†Sean Astin as Mikey, Corey Feldman as Mouth, Ke Huy Quan as Data, Josh Brolin as Brand, Jeff Cohen as Chunk, Kerri Green as Andy, and Martha Plimpton as Stef. In the first movie, they went in search of treasure after finding a treasure map and ended up fighting for their lives from an evil woman and her two sons, who happened to be criminals. They also met a kind-hearted mutant named Sloth (John Matuszak).

Matuszak has passed away as has Anne Ramsey, who played Mama Fratelli. However, the kids are who we really want to see back. Astin already said he would come back. If Feldman returned for a new Lost Boys movie, there is no reason he won’t come back as Mouth. Honestly, looking at the former cast, the only one that might be a problem is Josh Brolin because he is kind of a big deal now.

Either way, a Goonies sequel is coming and it should have come as no surprise because Goonies Never Say Die.

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