The Breakdown

Jake, Cyrus and Fitz are in Olivia’s office arguing with her about shutting down B6-13. Jake outs Olivia for sleeping with him in order to get to the B6-13 files and Fitz quietly shits a brick. Cyrus has information that Maya has all of Fitz’ travel plans and itinerary and the man who made the bomb. Cyrus and Fitz talk over bringing someone in as there only hope. Rowan is the one that is called in to bring Maya to justice and has Intel on her handler.

Quinn is bugging Charlie to tell her what the numbers mean on a radio transmission he is listening to in order to get his next job. Charlie stops responding to Quinn because he can’t belive the message he just decoded. Charlie and Quinn walk into Olivia’s office. Abby asks them are they a couple. Rowan is about to walk out when Olivia stops him. Rowan tells Olivia that it is him or Jake. Olivia chooses Rowan.

News breaks that a Senator Hightower died of a heart attack. Fitz wants to get out on the road and Cyrus tells him no. In a warehouse somewhere Maya is looking over the bomb. Adnan, as usual, is having second thoughts wrapped in “are you sure everything is safe and that all of the plans are correct.” An Arab man ensures them that it is. He goes into an “America will die and our children’s children’s blood will spill” when Maya stops him.


Charlie, Huck and Quinn are thinking of a way to find Maya. Charlie and Quinn think that the best plan is to look for rare ingredients that could be in the bomb. Huck thinks that this plan will take months. Huck wants to scour video tapes of the 14 known safe houses that Maya’s handler has around the area.

Fitz calls Olivia and tells her that Hightower died and he wants to travel in order to give a eulogy. Olivia is against this. Fitz feels that Sally is out there using this opportunity to steal votes. Olivia ensured Fitz that he will win the campaign, bringing up the fact that he dad was wrong about Fitz never winning a campaign on this own. Olivia tells Fitz to give her six days (election day) and he will win the election on his own. She will bring the campaign to him.

Fitz is doing television interviews with every network around the country in order to muster up votes. Harrison has a brief awkward moment with Rowan calling him “poppa pope” when Olivia comes in. Quinn and Charlie also come in saying that they have not had any luck but they will. A body drops outside of the office and Huck says, I got em. It’s Dominick.

Huck, Rowan and Olivia are questioning Dominick to find out where the bomb is going. Dominick tells them that he just makes them but he has no idea where the people who buy them are going to use them at. Rowan tells Huck to get answers out of him and to have fun. Huck says ok and Olivia calls them both out of the office. Olivia tells Huck not to hurt Dominick but to get answers, Huck agrees.



Rowan’s phone rings and it is Leo. Leo tells Rowan that Mellie asked a White House doctor about a paternity test for one of her kids. Leo has DNA (in the form of a used condom) from Jerry, Fitz’ son. Leo pressured Jerry’s girlfriend to get this for him earlier in exchange for him getting her into Harvard. Olivia asks her dad who that was (On the phone) and Rowan tells her everything in order to gain her trust.

Olivia goes to Mellie at the White House and goes off on her about being stupid as to asking for the test. Olivia also asks Mellie which one of her children does she think is Andrew’s and why would she do this six days away from the election. Mellie tells Olivia that she wants him to burn. She feels that she wasted her life getting him into the White House and she got nothing. She also is tired of being the one holding the cross. She accidentally says she doesn’t want to hold Big Jerry’s cross any longer. Mellie is completely drunk throughout this entire back and forth and begs Liv to “get her out of this” once she realizes what she just said.

Harrison has found some info on Dominick’s financial records. Rowan tells him to keep him posted. Jake is at David’s office and tells him to run Maya’s face through facial recognition software. David says that the software is too new but he will try to figure it out being that Jake has not killed him yet. Huck, Charlie and Quinn come in and tell Rowan that they can’t find the bomb.

Huck says that Dominick doesn’t know anything. Rowan asks Charlie for his gun. Charlie offers to do it for him. Olivia tells her dad to stop and Rowan tells her he is just going to scare him. Olivia ask her dad who is Dominick? Rowan tells her that he is the only man who her mother really loved. In a janitor’s room somewhere, a few men place the bomb under floorboards and joke about the dead janitor.


Rowan goes into the room and takes out all of the bullets besides one. He tells Dominick they are going to play Russian roulette. Rowan tells Dominick to call Maya. Dominick stalls and Rowan pulls the trigger. Maya gets on the phone and Rowan tells her what is going on, he asks her where is the bomb and she acts dumb. Rowan pulls the trigger again and tells her that every moment she wastes may die. Huck is trying to run a trace on the call and needs 20 more seconds. Rowan pulls the trigger again. Maya tells him that she needs to kill him. Rowan pulls the trigger again and Maya tells Dominick goodbye and hangs up. Huck has not completed the call trace. Rowan tells everyone to leave. He pulls the trigger twice and Dominick is dead. Olivia runs out of her office crying.

Cleanup is going on at Olivia’s office and Abby has taken a hair sample from Dominick’s head. She gives it to Rowan who gives it to Leo. Rowan tells Leo that it is the president’s DNA. Abby goes to the lab where Leo took the DNA. The lab tells her it is not a match and Abby give the man an envelope full of money and he changes his tune. Leo gives Sally the news that Jerry is Fitz’ child. Sally replies that you can’t win them all. The polls show that Fitz is losing. Fitz decides to go on the road in order to win the election. He feels they have to go to Ohio because no republican has won the White House without Ohio. Cyrus is very pleased with this decision.

Olivia calls Jake and tells him what happened. Jake’s asks her did she feel anything when they were together. She tells him that she loves Fitz but she did feel something. Olivia and Rowan clear the air about what happened last night. Rowan tells her that it felt good killing Dominick and he isn’t sorry for it. Dominick was the one who broke up their home. Olivia tells him that Maya broke up their home because she didn’t love anyone, not even Dominick.


Olivia calls Cyrus and tells him that they haven’t found the bomb and to keep Fitz grounded. Cyrus tells her OK, but Fitz will not be happy (he does this while him and Fitz are boarding the plane). Olivia hears the airplane in the background and calls him out. Cyrus tells him that he can’t stop Fitz now. Harrison gets intel on one of the safe house and arrives at it. He sees the plans to take the bomb to Ohio. Before he can dial his phone, Adnan points a gun to him and tells him that he can not make that call. Rowan tells Olivia that she is wrong, Maya does loves one person, her. Rowan thinks that Maya will not kill Fitz if Olivia is there. Rowan wants her to go to Ohio in order to save Fitz.

Olivia is in Ohio with Fitz and Mellie at the high school where Fitz is to speak. Mellie is drunk again and tells them that she is ready to go out with a bang. While Olivia and Fitz are talking, Mellie then wishes for the bomb to go off so that she doesn’t have to listen to these two.  Quinn comes back to the garage where Huck is waiting for her. Huck asks her what did she did with the body and Quinn keeps saying she took care of it. Quinn and Huck have this back and forth repeatedly and Quinn finally ask Huck what does he want. Huck goes in for another odd licking kiss of Quinn. Quinn slaps him a few times (while still kissing him) and tells him to say it. Huck finally tells her that he wants her and the two get into the wildest nastiest (as in face-licking nasty) sex scene I have ever watched not on a computer. As this is happening Maya goes right up to Olivia’s office.

Maya encounters Rowan and Rowan tells her to sit down and enjoy her last moments of freedom. Maya tells him to get her daughter out of that school. Rowan calls Olivia and tells her that the bomb is still there. Olivia walks up to Fitz and whispers something. Fitz then tells the crowd that they set off the basement sprinklers. Harrison tells Adnan that their plan didn’t work. Adnan tells Harrison “did you think they were that stupid to go forward when they knew they were compromised”? Adnan places the gun directly to Harrison’s head.

David has the information on Maya and tells Jake where she has been. Jake calls Cyrus and tells him that Hightower didn’t die of a heart attack, he was killed by Maya. Olivia walks into her office and finds her father lying on the floor. Huck and Quinn walk in and she tells them to call 911. Jake is still on the phone with Cyrus. Jake tells Cyrus that the bomb was never in the school. Jake explains that Maya’s play was to kill Hightower so that Fitz would go there and do the eulogy. Jake tells Cyrus to cancels his travel plans to the church where the funeral is.

Cyrus hangs up his cell and picks up the White House phone and pauses. Cyrus calls in his assistant. Leo and Sally are walking into the church. Cyrus leaves his office smiling and walks down to the oval office. Andrew is walking into the church. Cyrus goes to the oval and tells Fitz that Hightower’s wife wants a little more time with her dead husband and that they will be delayed a bit. Cyrus tells Fitz to let him hear his speech. Maya is walking down the street and sets the timer for the bomb.


The Analysis

I thought the final scene of the episode was so well written and played out that there wasn’t even a need to mention the bomb going off. It was perfect. But realizing that this wasn’t the series finale, I guess we will get an explosion. Andrew, Sally and her cronie Leo will all die in an explosion next week. I know that they say things work out when you’re the bigger person but Cyrus couldn’t have written a better script himself after keeping Sally’s murdering of her husband a secret.

On the other hand how is a man like Rowan not armed? I mean he is/was in command. I actually was thinking the same thing when Jake was on the bench speaking to Olivia on the phone wondering if she felt something. I was thinking that even tho Jake is/was command he is still armed? Does he feel so powerful he thinks he is above death or what? Being that Jake is more currently out of the service he possibility still is armed. Apparently Rowan was not. Season finale next week. PEOPLE WILL DIE!!!