The Breakdown

Garrett is flying an aircraft solo and a SHIELD drone is attacking him. The standoff is still going on between Coulson, Skye and May. Coulson is still trying to figure out what is going on, when May calls out Fitz for having a secure line in the BUS. Coulson wants to know who Fitz is talking to and he tells him Simmons. Coulson wonders why have a secure line and Fitz tells Coulson because they are trying to contact a friend to find more information on the GH-325 serum.

Back at the HUB Simmons is doing research on Skye’s blood and agent Triplet walks in inquiring what she is doing. Simmons plays dumb but finally tells him that they are doing research on the GH-325 serum. Agent Triplet agrees to help her.

Coulson shoots May as he gets a transmission from Garrett that he is being attacked. Coulson orders Skye to get her laptop to find out what is going on and where the BUS is going but Skye can only get a Jammed signal from SHIELD. Agent Hand tells everyone that their allegiance will be tested today and anyone who quivers will die. Coulson takes the wheels of the BUS and shoots the drones off of Garrett’s plane. Garrett then docks with the BUS to find out what in the hell is going on. Skye has finally decrypted the jammed messages which states “Out of the shadows, into the light” HYDRA.

Agents of SHIELD

Simmons finally connects to her mentor at the SHIELD academy. Upon trying to talk, Simmons is told that the academy is under attack by HYRDA agents and to save herself. Triplet locks the door and Simmons wants out. She questions Triplet if she can trust him. Triplet pulls out a knife, then holds it up to Simmons, gives it to her and tells her that if she tries to kill him he will know she isn’t trustworthy.

On the BUS Coulson gets Fitz to repair May’s line in order to connect back to Fury. Coulson then goes and gets May and Ward from the tank and asks them to help. As the BUS is landing SHIELD is shooting out their windows with guns. Ward wants to know what is going on and Garrett tells him that Hand is the clairvoyant. May gets on the line to Fury, and when someone else answers, she asks where is Fury? A man on the other end tells her that Director Fury is dead. SHIELD takes more shoots at the BUS.

Coulson is patching May up after she was shot and Coulson still wants answers on why May did this. May tells Phil that he did it for him. May even tells him that she put the team together and had Coulson revived under Fury’s orders. Ward and Skye save all of the files from the BUS onto a hard drive in case the plane is seized. SHIELD takes over the BUS but does not find the team. Everyone has escaped through a “mouse-hole” device that Fitz has made. Coulson, Garrett, Ward and Fitz leave the plane. May tells Coulson  she can help more if her hands are not tied but Coulson tells her no.

Agents of SHIELD

Hand comes into the room where Triplet and Simmons are and tells them that HYRDA has gotten into SHIELD at the highest level. They have a choice to pledge their alliance to HYDRA or die. Triplet attacks one of the guards and puts a knife to him and tells Hand that if one of them dies so do one of theirs. Hand tells him that was the right call. Simmons asks was that some sorta test and that you’re not HYDRA? Hand tells her no but the war isn’t over because Coulson is a HYDRA agent.

Ward and Skye are in a closet and their target is to get to the end of the hall. Ward thinks they may die but if they live he wants to take Skye out for a drink. Skye outs him for sleeping with May blah blah blah, then she kisses him. Ward puts on the fight for his life with the SHIELD agents in the hall then comes and gets Skye. Ward asks Skye is she ready to hack the system. Skye pulls up her shirt reveling c4 and says who said anything about hacking the system?

Coulson and Garrett are speaking and Garrett tells Coulson that they need to go in and shoot Hand. May interjects and asks without a trial? Garrett tells them all the things Hand has done and how many people she killed of theirs. Garrett even mentions how she (Hand) put Rena in the machine. Coulson eyes light up because he never mentioned that to Garrett. Coulson knows that Garrett is the leak. A few SHIELD agents come in the room. Coulson tells them to capture Garrett as he is the HYRDA leak. Garrett tells them that some of them may have been under Sidwell but they know what to do. The agents in the back shoot the ones in the front. Garrett screams “HAIL HYDRA.”

Agents of SHIELD

Garrett gives a speech to Coulson, May and Fitz about how HYDRA is the way. Coulson shares with Garrett about how they were trained together and all that fun stuff. In a hallway somewhat close and somewhat far, Ward and Skye wait for one of the bombs go off. After a small explosion a bigger one goes off. This rocks the room that Garrett, Coulson and the gang are in. Coulson grabs a wrench and hits Garrett, May attacks the guards. After the dust is settled, Agent Hand comes in and tells Coulson that she heard the whole thing via transmitter in the room.

Hand tells Coulson that they have lost a few of their bases in South Africa and that Captain America saved the day a week ago. But they are the highest SHIELD agents that are alive (that they know of). She gives him a radio to keep in touch with her. Ward asks Hand if he can go with her to take Garrett to the fridge. Ward explains that Garrett was his SO and that he should have known better. Coulson tells him that this is why Garrett was successful because he acted as a friend.

Agents of SHIELD

Hand tells Garrett that the fridge is a little to good for him. She then tells Ward that he shot the wrong clairvoyant before, does he want to shoot the right one now? Ward gets up and loads his weapon and shoots the guards around Garrett and then shoots Hand. Then he shoots Hand again. Ward then stares at Garrett. The episode closes with a HYDRA logo.

The Analyst

I feel like such and idiot not seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier last weekend.