Hannibal prepares an elegant breakfast, served in unison with Will Graham’s prison meal, then Jack Crawford and Lecter sit down to eat. They discuss Bella’s suicide attempt. Ending in Jack telling Hannibal that he is a great friend for not letting her die.

Freddie Lounds nervously walks into the observatory where agent Lass’s phone was found, gun in hand. She walks in on the scene of a crime. She calls the FBI, and with them Jack Crawford arrives. She tries to tell him not to go in, “she’s one of yours”, but he goes in anyway. Inside, the remains of Dr. Beverly Katz, cross sectioned in plexi-glass in a morbid display, like an exhibit by Damien Hirst.

Back at the FBI head quarters, Jack briefs the staff of her death, telling them how Freddie Lounds went to the site on an anonymous tip. Then he and Alana Bloom go to the prison to tell Will. Will says he wants to see her. He is trussed in a straight jacket and masked, like Anthony Hopkins in the role of Lecter in the film Silence of the Lambs. As he is wheeled out on a dolly to transport, Freddie Lounds photographs Will in the humiliating display.

Will Graham is brought to the observatory, Jack orders the rest of the FBI out of the room so Will can work. Jack unbinds and unfetters Will, gun in hand, to facilitate Will getting into the mind of the killer. At first Will is too shaken, then he sees Katz, who tells him to only interpret the evidence. With this he goes into his trance. He imagines strangling her, the killer knows her, as she him. She is frozen to help preserve her as she is cut into layers, and made into an expert display. No evidence evidence is left.
Will tells Jack that it’s the Chesapeake ripper, and the copy cat, they are the same. She found him. He asks Jack where he was last night, he replies in the hospital. He tells Crawford that he told her to go to him and tell Jack everything she knew, instead she went looking for evidence. Jack asks who the killer is, Will looks defeated. He says that Beverly made her connection to the Ripper, that Jack has to make his own. Crawford asks why he brought Will there then, he replies that it was so that he could say good bye.


In the next scene Will is back in the holding cage where he must receive visitors in the prison, he tells Chilton that he knows that he discussed thier therapy will Hannibal, counter to their agreement. He tells Chilton that he and Beverly discussed the Chesapeake Ripper, and she found him. Chilton describes the man that fits the Ripper and reveals that he no longer believes it to be Abel Gideon. Will says, wouldn’t it be interesting if they thought it was the same man, and Dr. Chilton agrees that it would. Graham goads Chilton into the idea of catching the Ripper himself for the acclaim, knowing the he loves publicity and praise.

The next scene takes place in the FBI crime lab, where Jack, Jimmy Price and Brian Zeller stand before several tables, all with a cross section of Beverly on them. They tell Jack that they will handle it, that they wont walk away from helping catch the person who is responsible for killing their friend. They inform Jack that not all of what was found, was from Beverly. The kidneys are from another victim, the mural killer. They say, we find her kidneys, we find her killer.

Hannibal prepares a meal in his kitchen, grinding kidneys, then they are fricasseed and served in a pastry shell with a side of arugula. He smiles as he enjoys his meal.

Back in the prison Will meets with Abel Gideon, who is in a cage beside him. He asks to discuss the Chesapeake Ripper, who he is. Abel teases Will, upset that Graham tried to kill him. He tells Will that the Ripper wont be caught, that if he wants him, he will have to kill him. Will replies, “Fair enough.”

In Dr. Lecter’s office he serves Chilton a glass of cognac, he wants to know why Chilton had Gideon transferred.  They talk of each other’s unethical behavior, and agree that they gain nothing from exposing the other’s misdeeds. Chilton tells Hannibal that he brought Gideon in to help with Will’s therapy. Lecter asks to interview Gideon.

At the prison Gideon and Lecter meet, Abel acts as if he and Hannibal have never met. Knowing Chilton is listening, Gideon throws taunts in his direction, saying that Chilton is jealous of Lecter. On his way out, Freddie Lounds takes Lecter’s photograph leaving the prison. He tells Freddie that she is rude, she asks if he really thought she was above that sort of thing. She says that she is above feeling shame. Freddie tells him that Will asked her to come to him for an interview.

Inside, she shows Will her disgust, that she believes he belongs there. He tells her that he has an admirer, the man who killed the Bailiff and Judge. She asks if he is trying to catch him or contact him. He tells her that he wants to open up a means of communication, she agrees, but only if she can have exclusive rights to his story. He agrees.


Hannibal watches her tell the story on her website, a plea for the killer to meet with Will, to communicate with him.

An orderly talks to Will Graham, who is back in the cage. He tells Will that he saw the interview on Crime Tattler, that he admires will. Tells him that he is impressed that Will was able to hide in the FBI, but he could easily hide as the orderly does, working in an institution. Will asks if he is aware that Chilton listens and records all conversations, he tells Will, “Who do you think wires the mikes?” The orderly tells Will that he was the one who killed the Bailiff, but the Judge was somebody else. He then unlocks the cage and lets Will out. He tells Will to imagine if they worked together, as he walks him back to his cell. Will asks him for a favor,  he tells the orderly that he wants him to kill Hannibal Lecter for him. The Orderly looks at him and walks away, and as he moves down the row of cells, Gideon is there in the cell next to Will’s, having heard everything.

Later in his cell, Will wakes and rubs his neck. His expression changes to annoyance, then panic as he tears his close free and falls forward to the ground. Antlers press out of his flesh, he is imagining again, no doubt feeling that he is now like Hannibal for calling for his demise.

Alana walks in, she is concerned that he gave an interview to Freddie Lounds. He says that she doesn’t have to worry. He tells her that Beverly died because she listened to him. She looks upset, asking him what has he done. He tells her, what he had to do. As she walks out, Chilton stops her. He asks what it is about her, why do all the good killers open up to her? She asks to talk to Abel Gideon. He grants her the request.

Gideon and Alana discuss the night he stabbed her, the night he was shot by Will. She says that he was looking for the Ripper that night, he replies that he found Will Graham. She tells him that Will is not the Ripper, he says, “Not yet.” Gideon tells her that Will is looking for revenge, and that he is going to give her a gift, a chance to save Will from himself. That he found a sympathetic ear to kill for him.

Hannibal swims laps in a pool, the orderly appears above him in swim gear, unnoticed. as Hannibal swims to the edge, the orderly shoots a tranquilizers dart into him. Hannibal sinks. Cut to the next scene.

Jack asks what she thinks Will has done, the phone rings before she can answer. The conversation is short, he tells her that they have a trace on his cell phone.

Blood seeps across the floor in the shower room at the pool, the scene pulls out revealing Hannibal, his neck in a noose, his feet balancing on a bucket, arms bound to a pole with wrists cut. The scene resembles a crucifixion, the Orderly tells him that Judas had the decency to kill himself for his betrayal, but he thought that Hannibal needed a little help. He tells the orderly that Will graham isn’t what he thinks, he isn’t a murderer. He replies, “Well, he is now.” The orderly wants Lecter to answer questions, saying that he can tell by his pupils dilating if the answer is yes. He asks if he is the Chesapeake Ripper, the answer is yes. How many he has killed? why he bothered? Hannibal says that it is because life is precious. The orderly says the Iroquois used to eat their enemies to gain their strength, that maybe he will be the Ripper now. Hannibal replies, “Only if you eat me.” Jack enters and shoots the Orderly, the orderly on the ground kicks the bucket out from under Hannibal. Jack grabs Hannibal and holds him so that he wont choke to death, and yells for Alana to call for an ambulance.

A great ending this week, illustrating beautifully how the noose is tightening around Hannibal, as evidence that he is really the Ripper mounts. The Orderly was an interesting surprise, unclear until the end if he was really his own man. Every week I wonder how Bryan Fuller will top the last, and Oh Zod did he top it this week with the presentation of Beverly Katz! My morbid curiosity can’t wait to see what next week will bring!