Today Marvel Comics announced that Neil Gaiman will be contributing to the final issue of the Age of Ultron storyline, and also co-write Guardians of the Galaxy No. 5 with Brian Bendis. This will be the first time that Gaiman has published a story under Marvel since 2007.

Age of UltronThis is some very big news considering how tight-lipped Marvel has been for Ultron. They’ve been promising that it is a massive, universe-changing event. I find that a little difficult to swallow considering that every event series they’ve pumped out since 2005 has been promised as “the Marvel Universe will never be the same again.” They’ve been putting out event comic after event comic for years, and that process has fatigued many fans, including myself. That’s one of the reasons I consider myself more of a DC guy. However, the idea that a man as talented as Gaiman is contributing to this story seizes my attention. I’m sure that’s exactly what they wanted.

urlThere’s also been some speculation that Marvel may allow Gaiman to publish write for the Miracleman/Marvelman property. They purchased the rights to the comic and the character in 2009, but they have done absolutely nothing with it up until this point. Gaiman is a verteran of working with the character, taking over the character after Alan Moore’s run. Unfortunately, the book ended before he could finish the story the way he wanted to. So maybe now he has that chance.

What do you think of Gaiman returning to Marvel? What else do you think that he could be working on? Why don’t you just tell us what you think in the comments below?

Source: Hero Complex LA Times