What we know: This one episode could have been the basis of a movie. There was so much story line and it was extremely fast paced. It wasn’t advertised as a continuous episode, but Hassan’s storyline will continue for several weeks. SO much happened.

Hannibal - Season 2

Starting off, Will is about to begin his trial for murder. Hassan starts off with Will performing his own execution. We get to the trial and Will’s attorney examines Dr. Chilton, who describes Will as liking the idea of playing God. The prosecutor thinks of Will as the smartest person in the room, which gives Hannibal a good laugh.  Freddie “I’ll do anything for a headline” Lounds was back and tried to throw Will under the bus with everything she had. Until Will’s attorney pointed out that not a damn thing can be believed from her. Will’s attorney also brought up the fact that Freddie has been sued 6 times for libel and paid off every case. At this point I’m guessing that Will’s attorney is not a public defender.  


Then a string of murders exactly like the crimes Will is being charged for occur. The only difference is that the victims died via a bullet. This important fact Hannibal would like to keep between himself and Will. Hannibal thinks that these crimes are a blessing as they can save his friend. Note to all future serial killers, when you murder a bunch of people, have someone else kill people in a similar manner when you are on trial. This will have everyone involved with the case have second thoughts. Also make sure you’re copycat kills the judge that is in charge of your trial. That may be the most important part. Now, with the judge dead, will the trial now shift in an odd direction, become a mistrial, or will Mr. Graham be released?

What will happen next? Next weeks episode is titled “Takiawase”. This episode will show that the BAU can’t solve crap without Will. Agent Katz goes back to Will for help on the “color wheel” case. Will is trying to prove that the copy cat and the Chesapeake killer are one in the same. 


PontificatingNow, as far as the Will-Hannibal relationship, I said that I thought Hannibal misses Will, which is true.  What I can’t figure out is if this affection is purely friendship/intrigue because of Will’s mind or is this sexual? The answer could have been given to us by Hannibal already. While Hannibal was speaking to Will alone in his cell. Hannibal said “This killer wrote you a poem, are you going to let his love go to waste?”

Now on with the food… Wait. There was no food in this entire episode. Not a piece of meat, salad or even a glass of wine. I understand the title “Hassun” is a preparation of the next course but I would have liked to see a small dish served. Also the main reason why there wasn’t food served was because of the manner the people were killed in. Hannibal is a very passionate killer. Organs are separated in a gentle manner. Eating a meal where the victim was shot is NOT Hannibal’s style and also bad hygienically.