Marvel has its release dates set up years in advance and one of those dates was May 6, 2016. In a shocking development, Warner Bros. announced that they were scheduling Batman vs. Superman for the date that Marvel already chose for its first 2016 movie. ¬†Kevin Feige said that Marvel won’t budge from that date and hinted that it will be the Captain America 3 release date.

Captain America 2 is tracking amazingly well, is being called the best Marvel film to date, and is on pace for a $100 million opening weekend. That is amazing since it was one of the lowest grossing Marvel films in Phase 1. It is also bad news for Batman vs. Superman, since Man of Steel was polarizing to fans. If Captain America 2 knocks it out of the park, it could really damage DC Comics attempts at their own franchise.

It looks like Warner Bros. will be the first to flinch and it sounds like they are considering moving back a week. That will give Batman vs. Superman a one-week shot at a big box office strike, and if word of mouth is good, it could save the movie from Captain America running roughshod over it.

X-Men: Apocalypse is also set to come out later that month, but there is enough time for the two earlier movies to get a nice jump before X-Men knocks them down the charts.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter