The Breakdown

At the funeral of Mike’s father. A reporter asks Ryan for comment on Joe Carroll being still alive.

Joe, Mandy and Emma are settling nicely into the Corbin cult. They were even given the gift of being unmasked and given new Red clothes by their cult leader Micah. Mandy has met a boy at the Corbin compound. Emma still doesn’t trust these folk. Joe has been asked by Micah to help him learn how to kill. Director of the FBI Tom Franklin has spoken to Ryan (at Mike’s father’s repast) about going on as a covert agent in order to find Carroll. Mike wants to help find Lily and Ryan feels that he needs to spend this time taking care of his family.

Ryan is given a flash drive by Franklin with information containing Joe bringing  in his brother’s body into the country. The drive leads them to a Dr. Srauss who was a mentor of Carroll. Max and Ryan suspect that the doctor saw Carroll after the lighthouse incident to seek medical attention. Micah has a plan for Carroll to introduce killing into the Corbin club in order to help the cult save souls. Micah’s plan is for Joe to write a book on Micah and his cult. Micah wants to be famous like Jim Jones and Charlie Manson, Micah even feels he has a kinship with Manson over their love of music. Ryan goes to Dr. Srauss’s house to ask him about Joe. The doctor tells him that he hasn’t seen Joe, since Joe’s graduation. Ryan’s visit was really to bug the house of the doctor. After Ryan leaves, the journalist that questioned Ryan at the funeral goes to the doctor’s house. The doctor gives her the same spiel that he gave to Ryan. She however has evidence that he may have seen Joe in 99 and 97. The doctor asks her to step in so that he can explain then he drugs her. Ryan (still outside of the doctor’s house) hears this go on via the bug he planted, charges and shoots his way into the doctor’s house. When he sees the doctor carrying the woman, Ryan is jumped by a young male who pepper sprays Ryan, knocking him out.

Mike goes to Max, who questions her about Ryan. Ryan has not answered her in a while and she is worrying. Mike wants to know where he is and Max tells him. Micah has a plan, in which some of the crazier followers of his will kill for him. Micah has them locked up underground. He goes to them asking “who wants to be blessed”.

Flashback Carrie Cook (the reporter) meet Ryan at a bar and took advantage of him. She was trying to get an exclusive with him for a while and wasn’t able too. She then took it upon herself to seduce him in his inebriated state and get Joe Carroll info out of him.

Micah grabs one of their arms and slices it drawing a little blood (as he did with Emma). Joe asks why isn’t he down there. Micah  tells him that he and Julie (his wife) considered it. Ryan has finally awoken from his nap. He figured out that the good doctor was Joe’s teacher. The doctor tells Ryan that he only taught Joe how to cut out his victims eyes with precision. The instinct for murder was already there. The doctor tells Ryan that Joe wasn’t even his best student. Carrie is laying on a table tied up while the doctor’s new student, Cole, is looking on. The doctor is the one that taught Joe that it was OK to kill.

Micah is still trying to convince Joe that murder is the right direction to take the Corbin group in. Micah has a few followers that have reservations (about murder). Joe tells Micah that they should pray on it. Joe also gives Micah a better direction for the killing. Micheal wants to start in LA and kill famous people. Joe tells him that it’s better to start in NY, as it’s closer and the world focuses on New York, Micah eats it up. In the doctors workshop, Cole wants to start operation on Carrie’s hands. The doctor tells him that it’s a better idea to start with the feet. Ryan, as always wants them to operate on him first. While this talk is going on the doctor admits that Joe did come to him after the lighthouse. Joe was in bad shape and had to stay with him for a month. As Cole goes and gets a sledge-hammer. Mike is behind him and tells him to not say a word. Like the disciplined pupil that he is, Cole tries to take the gun away from Mike and Max shots him. Ryan un-cuffs himself from the wheelchair that he is in. The doctor grabs a knife and goes at Ryan when Max and Ryan come in and arrest him. Julie has reservations about dealing with Joe. Micah tells her that Joe needs their help and they don’t turn their back on people who are in need.

Mike and Ryan skip the arresting part and get right into the interrogation at the doctors house. Mike takes a hammer to the doctors fingers while Ryan asks where is Joe. The doctor doesn’t know. What Dr. Srauss does know is that Joe had a contact in the FBI he was trying to find but did not have contact information for. Dr. Srauss tells Ryan and Mike that Joe’s contact was also woman. Carrie was told by Max to leave from the basement while this was happening. When Ryan comes back upstairs Carrie pressures him to give her information. After Ryan doesn’t give in Carrie stops pestering him because she feels that there is a bigger story and wants it for herself. At the Corbin cult Micah is having a communion party. After a few followers have communion a few of them drop to the floor and start foaming at the mouth. One of them is Mandy’s new friend. While the cult people are freaking out. Micah tells them to “Chill out because this is god’s work” Micah starts a chant about these people are going home. The chant takes over the room even being repeated by a pleased Joe and a smiling Emma.

Mike goes back to Ryan’s place. Max asks him if he wants to talk and he says no, they end the night sitting up staring at each other. Julie confronts Micah about the killing, Julie thinks that Joe is behind all of this. Micah tells her that this is his doing and has his guards lock her up.

Flashback of 5 months ago Carrie approaches Ryan at a bar. (Carrie is the one who wrote the Haven-port tragedy) Carries tells Ryan that her publisher wants to release the book on the anniversary of Carroll’s death. She also tells him that he may have killed Carroll but Joe clearly won. Emma is shocked that Joe is pulling Micah’s strings. She asks can he keep Micah under control? Joe replies that Micah is a narcissist and he knows a thing or two about that. Emma asks Joe what is the next move. Joe tells her that it is time that everyone knows that Joe Carroll is alive.

 The Analysis

Well damn that happened quickly. At the being of the episode Joe was concerned about taking his mask off and showing his face, now he wants to unmask himself to the world? As far as Mike and Ryan getting a tip that Joe’s contact is a woman. Which more than likely have them pointing their fingers at Mendez, who seems to get in Ryan’s way anyway. Even tho she isn’t the mole and she is just sleeping with the mole. I wonder how long until Joanne is uncovered? As far as Joe, in next week episode we see that Joe reveals himself to the world via TV. I wonder is Micah in on this plan or has Joe taken over as the new Corbin cult leader. If so it sorta reigned true what Micah said about Joe earlier in this episode that “all of the most famous cult leaders were arrested or killed”. Joe is the only one to still live….and start 2 cults! Micah didn’t say that last part but if he knew that Joe is a narcissist as himself. He should have known that this was an enviable turning point. Usually a coup takes months, maybe years but Joe Carroll really moves quickly.