This week on The Walking Dead Daryl and Beth got to know each other better and bonded over moonshine.

The Breakdown

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled Still took us into Daryl and Beth’s lives since the incident at the prison.

After a close call with a group of walkers, the two stripped a vehicle they hid in as they continued on their way. With a fire going in the woods, Daryl cooked a snake he killed when Beth stated she needed a drink. She had never tasted alcohol and set on her way to find some.

The Walking Dead

Daryl followed behind Beth until the two came upon a golf course and clubhouse. They made their way through the walkers hanging from the ceiling inside. Beth found a bottle of what appeared to be wine, but before she could take that first drink she was attacked by a walker. She broke the bottle in order to stab the walker and escape. Daryl walked up right after this happened but seemed indifferent to the situation.

The two continued to have more silence than conversation. Daryl was still somber and hopeless for their situation while Beth tried to continue believing there were other survivors from the prison. Although, Daryl kept telling Beth that she would not see any of their group again.

The Walking Dead

Beth then found a bottle of peach schnapps in the clubhouse bar, but before she could take a drink Daryl smashed the bottle to the floor. He told her that her first drink was not going to be peach schnapps.

The two headed back outside and came across a cabin full of moonshine. Daryl opened up a little more and Beth coerced him into a drinking game after finally getting her first taste of alcohol. Outside later, Daryl’s anger took over when he forced the bow and arrow into Beth’s hands in order to pin a walker to a wall. Angry then herself, Beth stabbed the walker in the head.

The Walking Dead

Even later and after drinking more moonshine, Daryl talked about Merle and about his childhood a bit. Beth shared her dream of Maggie and Glenn having a baby. After all the bonding, the two decided to douse the cabin with the rest of the moonshine and start it on fire. As they walked away from the fiery cabin together, Beth flipped it off and elbowed Daryl to do the same…which he did.

The Walking Dead

The Analysis

This week’s episode was a little unusual to me. I completely understand Daryl’s mood, but tend to understand Beth’s as well, knowing both characters. Maybe it just seems odd for this pair to end up surviving together in the woods.

What I am thinking at this point is that those two will continue to get closer…maybe real close! It would certainly make things entertaining if that happened; especially if they end up at the safe place along the railroad tracks that everyone else has found so far. Hello Carol!

The Walking Dead

Although I did not think this was a horrible episode, what we were shown in these characters is nothing that most viewers did not already know. Daryl had a rough past and Beth had a wholesome one. Both continued to act in character in this episode, so there were really no surprises for me. I thought the episode was sort of blah.

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Would you like to see Daryl and Beth end up as a couple? Do you think it could really happen? Or, did you opt to watch the Academy Awards last night instead? If so, you did not miss much.