The next Bond movie is coming in three short years. While that may seem like a long time, it is still too quick for Sam Mendes to return to the helm, so MGM is looking for a new director for this next effort. Mendes did say he was open to returning for a later installment. However, with a 2016 release date, the first priority for MGM is to get a screenplay in place.

This is a good time to get moving on the project since Skyfall is fresh on everyone’s minds, not only one of the best James Bond movies since Sean Connery was sipping martinis, but the most profitable for the entire franchise, breaking the $1 billion mark.

Before he left the Bond franchise, Sam Mendes did work on a script for the next Bond movie with John Logan, so there is a chance they work on developing that idea. Of course, there is always a chance they sign another big name to direct the next movie and he will want to make a story of his own. What remains known is that Daniel Craig will return as 007 in the next Bond movie.

Daniel Craig is signed on for two more Bond movies.

Source: Reuters