There have been a lot of rumors about the Batman vs. Superman movie and the delay from 2015 to 2016. One of the prevailing rumors was that anything designed and shot from the film before Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio took over the script has been scrapped. However, Batman on Film reported today that there is currently shooting in Los Angeles occurring right now with the Batmobile.

One thing I didn’t want to see changed is the rumored Batsuit because of how much everyone involved seemed to love it and how it looked. Well, if the Batmobile footage is being shot, then there is a chance that some of the designs before Terrio and Ben Affleck came aboard might still be retained.

Batman on Film reported previously that there would be Batmobile testing at the end of January or early February, and it looks like that might be what this is, meaning the previous Batmobile design will probably be kept as well.

It is also interesting to know that the reason for the delay was because they want Chris Terrio to completely re-write the script and not just touch it up. It makes it sound like Ben Affleck has a lot of pull in Batman vs. Superman, bringing in his own screenwriter, and pulling his weight. This, I feel, is a very good thing since he doesn’t want the Daredevil theatrical release fiasco to happen again. Since Affleck is three-for-three on his directorial efforts and Argo won him an Oscar, that is a good thing.

Maybe the Batman vs. Superman delay is the best thing that could have happened.

Source: Batman on Film