David O. Russell is currently in talks to direct his next film for Fox 2000.  The film in question is biopic for inventor and entrepreneur Joy Mangano, who is best known for her invention the Miracle Mop.  Not so surprisingly, he wants to cast Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role whom he has previously directed in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle.

It’s understandable that Russell wants to continue working with Lawrence since she has probably played no small part to the box office appeal of his last couple of films.  Honestly though, I don’t think this is necessarily the right film for them to collaborate on again.  The thing is, Joy Mangano was a single mother of three children when she became famous for the Miracle Mop and as of this article, Lawrence is of all 23 years old.  This just seems to be a role better suited for an actress who’s around 30-35.

This might be a moot point though since she hasn’t said yet whether or not she’s interested in the picture and it wouldn’t be hard to believe that she may end up being too busy for the project anyway.  Aside from her commitments to The Hunger Games saga, she may or may not be expected to reprise her Mystique role for X-Men: Apocolypse and is currently attached to Burial Rites and a remake of East of Eden with many more offers likely coming down the line.

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Source: Variety