The Breakdown

A woman is walking down the street in a sheet proclaiming ” they took my baby” a man comes to her aid and a police officers asks does he know her. He says that he does and that she is just a little confused. The officer tells them to stay right there. The man kills the officer and then kills the woman.

Lizzie thinks Red has something up his sleeve by having her go after an adoption agency while she is in the midst of an adoption herself. The Cyprus agency don’t just find kids a home, Red tells us that they steal kids. The agency lets their clients pick their kids like orders on a fast food menu. A lawyer representing the agency is speaking with prospective parents about an adoption. The couple has questions and the lawyer steps outside. He calls someone from the agency and tells them what is going on. Lizzie goes up to the man to get his help finding the real parents of one of the children. The man gets nervous saying that they will kill him. The man is then hit by a bus.

The Cyprus Ageny

Red has Malik tied up and wants to know why she helped Garrick get into the black site. Malik claims that she was told what to do by a person whom she did not know. Malik wants to help Red find the person that is pulling all of the strings. Lizzie and Ressler go to the agency to seize their records. They find out that the agency as adopted 27 kids in a years span. None of these kids have the proper records to trace them back to where they came from.

Cooper directs Lizzie to get DNA samples from the kids so they can try to obtain something. Lizzie tells Copper that this will be her last case for a while, she wants to spend time with the baby (which she hasn’t received yet)  After the DNA is collected it doesn’t tell the FBI much. Lizzie meets with Red and he tells her to look at the family members and to run the DNA test again. Lizzie comes back with the second test and find out that 5 of the mothers of the children have been reported missing.

The Cyprus Ageny

Lizzie briefs Cooper on the missing woman. One of them that has been missing for 3 years gave birth to 2 kids. Cooper figured out that she along with the rest of the women are still alive. Malik steals Coopers ID badge to look at a classified file releasing the blueprints of the black site. She barley gets the badge back before Cooper notices. While going through the files on the computers from the agency they find files on all of the victims. They also stumble upon a file on the next potential victim named Charlotte Patterson, Lizzy and Ressler go to the college campus where Charlotte is supposed to be. They seem to be too late as Charlotte is not in class.

In the parking garage the man who shot the cop earlier (Mallory) has a stakeout besides Charlotte’s car. When Charlotte goes to her car the man pushes her up against it, attacks and sedated her. The man then meets with Caldwell telling him that he was told by the lawyer to get a replacement girl. Caldwell tells Mallory that they were supposed to lay low. Caldwell also tells Mallory that the lawyer is dead and then shoots him as well.

The Cyprus Ageny

Caldwell speaks with a doctor that he is working with telling him that the program is shut down and he needs to shut down his unit as well. Caldwell and the doctor speak about one of the women that they lost. Lizzie and Ressler go to the morgue to see Kate Ellison one of the missing women. They are told that Kate has been missing for 3 years but had been psychically inactive for the last 3 years. She was feed through a tube and not even in a position to walk. She also gave birth twice within the 3 year period.

Aram calls Lizzy to tell her the information he found on Mallory. Mallory went to Harvard but under the name Charles Lassiter Jr. They figure that it is a fake name.  Lizzie and Ressler go to the Lassiter’s house. The Lassiter’s tell them that Charles was their adopted son named Micheal Shaw who had a mental disorder. Malik gives Red the information that she found. Red tells her that her job is done.

The Cyprus Ageny

Red takes Lizzie to a house of a drug dealer. Red is looking for a way to obtain the drug that was in Kate’s body,. He is told that no one wants the drug and most doctors don’t prescribe it. They trace 8 doctors that did use it within the last year. One being a Dr. Handley. Lizzie and Ressler go to the offices of Handley where Caldwell is still in the conference room speaking with the doctor. The receptionist tells Lizzie and Ressler that the doctor is in a meeting.

He then goes to talk to Caldwell and the doctor, they tell him to get rid of them. The receptionist tells them that the doctor stepped out. Lizzie says she will wait and the receptionist pulls a gun out. Ressler’s grabs the gun and handcuffs him. Lizzie goes on to find the doctor. The doctor runs through the office going to a drawer where he has a gun. He shoots at Lizzie, missing badly, and Lizzie pops him several times. She then goes around the offices and finds a room full of unconscious women hooked up to IV’s.

The Cyprus Ageny

While walking around the room, Caldwell comes out of hiding and attacks Lizzie. Ressler comes to her aid and shoots Caldwell in the arm. While under interrogation Lizzie figured out that Caldwell is Micheal Shaw. Caldwell was bitter because the Lassiter’s gave him up. Caldwell also admits that he fathers all of the 27 children. Lizzie tells Tom that she can’t go through with the adoption.

Red is at Diane’s house to confront her about leaking the blueprints. Red shots Diane once. She tells him that she can tell him the truth about what happened to his family. Diane asks Red does he want to know the truth? Red tells her more than anything, but if she knows the truth then someone else does as well. Tom goes and sees Jolene.

The Cyprus Ageny

The Analyst 

This was honestly one of the best episodes of the season. As I mentioned in last week’s recap would love to see some of these blacklisters be on a contained episode, I think Caldwell and his band of unconscious baby mama would have been the perfect fit.