It seems there is no public domain property that Hollywood doesn’t believe could do with a dark, gritty remake. The subject of today’s news is Joe Wright’s (Atonement, Hanna) Pan. The reboot of the children’s classic about a magical young man who never grows up and lives in a magical land where no one grows up, except for the pirates. They are grown up; presumably because they’re evil. Only in this version, they aren’t all evil.

In fact, the former big bad, Captain Hook, is slated to be a friend to Peter Pan in the Jason Fuchs penned film. This friendly Hook appears to have found an actor. It’s Garret Hedlund! He of Tron: Legacy and Friday Night Lights fame! Also, he was in Inside Llewyn Davis.

You see, in this telling of the tale, Hook and Pan are buddies, but Hook has a job on Blackbeard’s ship. Blackbeard is the big bad in this new film, despite having nothing to do with the original story, and he may be played by none other than THE Hugh Jackman.

Even without a Pan cast, this movie seems to be shaping up. I think Wright’s got the chops to put together a pretty cool universe for these actors to play in, and even with its drastic changes I can imagine this story playing well. Unfortunately, the release is scheduled to come in the summer 2015, along with over nine thousand other remakes and blockbusters. Hopefully it won’t get swallowed up in the miasma.

Source: SlashFilm