The still officially untitled Batman vs, Superman is set to begin production in about a month but Warner Brothers is still playing things relatively close to the vest.  However, the people over at Batman on Film took some time to address some of the many Batman vs. Superman rumors that have been circulating the movie over the last few months.  While the site gives the disclaimer that what they say is “based on inside information, industry scuttlebutt, and my opinion”, they still seem to know what they’re talking about.

Batman vs. Superman RumorsThey open by saying Lex Luthor and a secondary villain will be appearing in the film.  While they weren’t “at liberty to say” who the secondary villain is going to be but still hinted that the character has been highly rumored.  With that kind of hint, I’m inclined to believe it’s Doomsday since it feels like he’s been the most rumored villain so far (I think most people figured Lex Luthor was a given).

They also took some time to narrow down Jason Momoa’s alleged role.  Not only was he quick to deny the rumors that he was playing Aquaman or Martian Manhunter but that neither character is even going to be in the movie.  Since Mamoa has also been rumored to play Doomsday, this bit of news makes me more inclined that not only will Doomsday be in the movie but that Momoa will more than likely fill the role.  This would be a bit of a relief to me personally since I don’t really see Momoa has a good Aquaman or Martian Manhunter anyway and frankly there are already too many superheroes in this “Man of Steel sequel.”

Speaking of which, they are also relatively quick to try ease people’s misgivings that this Batman vs. Superman is secretly a Justice League movie.  They say that based on their “intel”, they believe that this in fact a Superman film that will just happen to have Batman and Wonder Woman in it.  Naturally, they also stated that they believe Wonder Woman’s role will be about as big as Black Widow’s in Iron Man 2.  While that’s still not as big a role as she deserves, at this point I think I’ll be relieved if she’s at least portrayed better than she was in that awful NBC pilot (though it’s hard to imagine that it could be any worse).

Do you believe these Batman vs. Superman rumors?  Who do you think Jasom Momoa should play?  Do you think Wonder Woman’s role is big enough?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Batman on Film