The Breakdown

Sally Langston is meeting with her adviser to go over her plan to run for president. The adviser needs her to be pro-choice but Langston religious views are stopping her. Finally she concedes to be pro-choice, otherwise her adviser doesn’t feel she will have a chance in the race.

Huck is with Quinn, he has her on the floor ready to torture her. Olivia calls Huck to tell him that her mother is alive. Huck tells Olivia to take her mother to the safe house because command will be coming for them. Huck starts a bit of torture (taking out a tooth of Quinn) before he leaves to meet Olivia.


Cyrus is in bed with James hoping James will tell him that he cheated on him, James doesn’t say anything.

Flashback of Olivia’s mom speaking to her before her flight.

Huck, Jake, Abby and Hardison are at the safe house with Olivia and Maya (Momma Pope). Maya tells them that Eli put her in prison because she found out what Eli did for a living and was about to expose him to a reporter in London. Eli found out about her plot and put her in prison. Jake and Huck knows that since Maya escaped she is being tracked electronically. Jake cuts out the tracking device from Maya. Charlie and a group of men working for command go to the safe-house to find Maya. When they get to the safe-house everyone is gone and the tracking device is laying on the counter.


Olivia and her team are thinking of a way to get out of the country. Eli has his men scouring every conceivable place that Maya could have gone. Olivia thinks they should go to Hong Kong. Hardison and Abby are back at the office and find that it was ransacked. Hardison has called a friend to get help. While talking with Olivia, Maya imaged that Olivia would be married with a child. Now seeing the real Olivia, Maya feels that Olivia is more of Eli and less of her. Huck and Jake think that instead of running they need to take out command. Jake goes to Fitz to ask for his help. Fitz wants Jake to just get Olivia and Maya out of the country. Fitz doesn’t assist Jake in this scheme to take out command.

Quinn is still tied up with duck tape and trying to get free. James is on his way to see Daniel again. Daniel tells James that he is not gay. Daniel tells James that he loves his wife and doesn’t want James to embarrass him in the interview.


Flashback of Olivia listening to a call Maya made before she left for the flight.

Olivia asks her mom was she talking to the reporter on the phone before she left for the flight. Maya says it was 20 years ago and she is not sure. Olivia feels that if Maya can get in touch with the reporter she was going to expose Eli to, he can help Maya expose Eli so that Maya will not have to run for the rest of her life. Maya thinks that Eli will find out before they will find the reporter. Jake has a team of men to go after Eli. They go to a warehouse where Eli should be. They go in and find out Eli is not there. Eli and Charlie are in a limo leaving the facility. Charlie is getting a rush and Eli tells Charlie that he does not get pleasure out of killing. Eli does it only when it needs to be done. Eli also wants Charlie to find Quinn, as he needs someone on the inside to track Olivia and Maya. Charlie has been calling Quinn but she is not answering her phone. Quinn is still tied up. She knocks over a glass in order to try to cut off the duck tape.


Huck finds Quinn trying to cut her way out of the duck tape and stops her. Hardison has found out the Maya is on the FBI’s most wanted list and the no fly list. This will make it impossible for them to board a plane to get anywhere. Abby goes to David Rosen’s office in order to try to get Maya off of the no fly list. Sally walks into Fitz’ office, hands him a paper that will declare her nomination for president.

Fitz thinks she is an idiot and is committing career suicide. Cyrus finally confronts James about his affair. James tells Cyrus that he wants a divorce and is taking the baby with him. Cyrus tells him that a judge won’t give James custody of the baby once the judge sees the pictures of James and Daniel. James is shocked that there are pictures. Cyrus tells him that he wouldn’t have brought this up if he didn’t have proof. Cyrus tells James he isn’t going anywhere.


Charlie finds Quinn still taped up in the apartment. Fitz and Mellie are going off on Cyrus because the situation with Sally isn’t handled and she will announce her nomination tomorrow. Fitz leaves the room and Mellie tells Cyrus that it doesn’t get easier. Cyrus breaks down and starts crying. Olivia calls Fitz and tells him the situation she is in. Fitz can’t help because 3 government agencies will be set off and he will go to prison for helping a fugitive. Fitz tells Olivia that he will handle it. Once Fitz gets off of the phone he calls the pentagon and asks for a General Shaw. Charlie gives Quinn vodka to get over the pain. Quinn starts crying because Huck was the only person she felt close to now that is gone. Charlie tells Quinn that he is there for her and they start kissing.

Cyrus shows the pictures of James and Daniel to Sally. Sally feels that Cyrus will never show the pictures to anyone as it will bury James as well. Cyrus calls James and tells him that he is sorry and Sally nor anyone else will see the pictures. Charlie and Quinn are going to Wonderland. Olivia has a military plane for her mom to get her out of the country. Olivia gave her mom a gun and a cell phone and wants her to get in touch with her in case anything happens.

Flashback of Olivia answering the phone after her mom left. A man calls and asks to speak to Marie. A young Olivia tells the man her mom’s name is Maya and she isn’t there.


Olivia then calls Huck and asks him what is the name that Eli put on the no fly list, the person who is a wanted terrorist. Huck tells her that it was Marie Wallace. Olivia says that her father isn’t the bad guy her mom is. She figures out that Eli was trying to protect Olivia.

Semi-flashback of Huck and Quinn. Huck is about to take out another one of Quinn’s teeth. Quinn tells Huck she knows how she can get some information.

Quinn is at Wonderland and asks command for the tape of her killing the security guard. She tells him that before she does anything for him she wants the tape. Eli laughs because Olivia as taught Quinn well. Quinn pulls out a needle from her pocket. Sally calls Cyrus and tells him that she has committed a sin. (There is a man dead laying on the floor, presumably Daniel Langston.)

The Analyst

Wow were to do start? Is Quinn really going to try to pull the same maneuver on command that she used with the security guard? I have a feeling this is not going to go well for Quinn. On for the real drama, Momma Pope is a terrorist? Does this mean she took down the plane and not Fitz? If so then what is Remington really about. As for Sally, I told you all see was stupid to run as an independent. It looks like she may not get that chance being she murdered her husband. Even if Cyrus cleans up her mess she can forget being a presidential hopeful. The bad news is next week is the fall finale. The good news is Scandal will return February 27th, until next week gladiators!