When the Marvel Netflix deal was announced, I was all kinds of happy. The problem with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is that Joss Whedon shows take a little while to become great (see: Buffy) and these days people give up on them too quick (see: Firefly). SHIELD is getting really good right now and is finding its ground. Unfortunately, since it is a weekly show, people have attention spans measured in nanoseconds and gave up on it after two episodes.

With the Marvel Netflix deal, the entire season will be laid out in one whole and fans can fly through it – usually a better way to take in a show anyway for today’s ADD society. Plus, I have been waiting years for a Luke Cage movie and a Marvel Netflix TV show is even better.

Well, in a recent Disney conference call, CFO Jay Rasulo said that the Marvel Netflix deal was to showcase characters that might not be popular enough for a movie – yet – but if they are popular on Netflix, they could earn their own feature films. So, if enough people watch Luke Cage or Daredevil, they could get their own movie down the line.

Later he was talking about how they chose Netflix over Hulu, which they own, for the deal and said that they wanted to look at the platform that was already showing success in these kind of streaming TV shows. However, he said they are not ignoring their own networks, such as ABC, which has SHIELD and another show in development.

That is new news. I wonder what that show could be? Maybe an Agent Carter show to go with that successful Marvel One-Shot on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray? I doubt it is the rumored Hulk show, because there is no way Mark Ruffalo comes to TV for a series. Maybe something rumored like Black Panther or The Inhumans is actually planned for TV.

What do you think would be a good fit for a Marvel TV show? Chime in below.

Source: Slash Film