So, Wonder Woman might appear in Zack Snyder’s Superman VS. Batman This rumor has been churning for a while, and it just won’t stop, despite a lack of tangible evidence. First there were rumblings about a possible Wonder Woman plan coming from Warner Bros. Then Jamie Alexander said that she “”kind of knows the story line for that movie.” Some took this to mean that she’d read the script, rather than you know heard about it from a friend who is somehow involved or something like that. Now we have rumors of a casting call for a lady who is “tall, brunette, athletic and exotic[.]”

Three actresses have auditioned or will do so in the future, Olga Kurylenko, Elodie Yung, and Gal Gadot. All three are great actresses. All three definitely meet that description. I could definitely imagine any of the three as Wonder Woman, but I don’t think this rumor is too substantial yet. There could easily be a role as reporter, cop, Batman’s girlfriend, or even a scientist. I’m not saying it can’t be Wonder Woman, and I think that’s a viable guess, but there’s no reason to put too much of a stake in these rumors. Feel free to get excited about all of this, especially because three really talented women are being considered for a role in a major motion picture and that is great, but remember that you may well be disappointed.

Source: CinemaBlend