Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, recently spoke about new show-runner Scott M. Gimple and what he brings to the popular zombie series.

Walking Dead fans panicked recently when show-runner Glen Mazzara left the show, pushed out by AMC, and allegedly comic book creator Robert Kirkman. While there is reason to care when the person who created the awesomeness of Season 3 leaves the show, this is not the first time it happened.

Frank Darabont left the show before Season 2 of The Walking Dead began. Fans at that time went through the same emotions that today’s fans are going through, but Mazzara proved to be a great replacement. The problem is that Season 2 was disappointing, and it took Mazzara a full season to get his footing. It might be tough to see this happen again and watch Season 4 end up a letdown due to the change in leadership.

Robert Kirkman doesn’t think that will be a problem since Gimple had a hand in the success of Season 3.

“When [Mazzara’s] slot opened up, [Gimple] was obviously the clear choice. You know he also wrote the episode where Sophia comes out of the barn [“Pretty Much Dead Already”]. A lot of the key moments that fans love that are constantly talked about are things he was a very big part of in the room and in some cases ended up writing directly into the episodes. He’s been a really strong asset to us and was the clear choice.”

Do you think Scott M. Gimple’s experience on The Walking Dead will help the show continue into next season without missing a beat, or will there be a period of transition were the show will suffer as a result? Let us know below.

Source: Zap2It