I’m a big fan of Bruce Campbell and pretty much worship the ground the guy walks on, but this is just ridiculous. A while back, some fans at a convention asked him if Army of Darkness 2 was coming and he said “the answer is yes.” When Fefe Alvarez was asked if he was directing Army of Darkness 2, he said that he was not because Sam Raimi was directing it. When Alvarez was asked if he was leaving the Evil Dead franchise, he said he was not and that he wasn’t actively working on a sequel, but planned to in the future.

Bruce Campbell called all this “Internet B.S.”

Here is exactly what he said:

“It’s not news. Let me dispel that right now. It’s all internet B.S. There’s no reality whatsoever. These random comments slip out of my mouth or Sam Raimi’s mouth, next thing you know, we’re making a sequel. So unless it’s announced from Renaissance Pictures, it’s not real. Or unless you have a start date or a release date. We do appreciate people’s enthusiasm for another ‘Army Of Darkness,’ but they should just wait until it’s real. And I feel bad for people because the Internet is so prey to misinformation. So I just encourage to get the real information, not just … if you heard something.”

This really isn’t very fair to blame the spreading rumors on “Internet B.S.” when they came straight from his and Alvarez’s mouth. It isn’t “Internet B.S.” in this case, it it Bruce Campbell lying and then blaming Internet sites for believing him.

“These random comments slip out of my mouth or Sam Raimi’s mouth, next thing you know, we’re making a sequel.”

So, what he is basically saying is that – if he says something, he should not be believed because he might be lying about it. Seriously, if you can’t trust the main source, you can’t trust anybody. If Renaissance Pictures announces the movie and sites report it, will the company call it “Internet B.S.” because you shouldn’t believe them either?

Campbell also said this:

“Fede’s going to go off and do other stuff. You know he did a great job for us and we’d have him back again in a second, but he’s got a new movie he’s doing. We lost him! It happens. Fede’s a great filmmaker, so … he’s going to have a long, bright future, he doesn’t need ‘Evil Dead’ … because look, he doesn’t want to be stuck being the ‘Evil Dead’ guy. You know, we all know how that happens.”

So, Campbell said they “lost” Alvarez for the sequel just one week after Alvarez said he wanted to come back to make it. Seems like people aren’t talking to each other – or maybe what Alvarez says is also “Internet B.S.,” which might actually be code-word for filmmakers lying to the fans.

I love you Bruce Campbell, but you can’t throw us under the bus when the news came from the horse’s mouth. Maybe all interviews should be on video so he can’t deny them next time.

Source: Screen Rant