I know everyone is getting jacked about Captain America: The Winter Soldier because it does look freaking great. However, I am looking forward to Thor: The Dark World just as much and think it will be fantastic as well. I loved the first Thor movie, and thought the Asgard stuff was the best and this one looks like it will take place almost completely off of earth, so that is exciting.

I’ll be seeing it on Tuesday night and you will have my review day of release with my thoughts on it.

Until then, people overseas are already enjoying the movie and it is doing all kinds of great at the international box office. It opened in France, the UK, Korea, Germany, Spain, Taiwan, Australia, Russia, Mexico, and Brazil and still has Argentina, Italy, China, and Japan. In the first weekend in those locations, The Dark World box office in 36 territories is up to $109.4 million.

That cash flow pushed Disney’s yearly box office take to over its previous all-time record of $2.30 billion. Remember all those people who said the box office was in danger and no one was going to the movies anymore? Yeah, those doomsayers were either lying or oblivious.

Before The Avengers, only the Iron Man franchise was a real money winner. The first Thor movie made $181 million in the U.S. with a worldwide box office of $449 million. Captain America: The First Avenger made $177 million in the U.S. and $369 million worldwide.

The Thor opening foreign weekend for the first movie was $5.73 million and it opened biggest in the U.K. one week later with $9.1 million.

If the Thor: The Dark World box office take internationally is similar to what Marvel can expect in the U.S., The Avengers might have helped these “smaller” Marvel movies become more popular and bigger money makers as well. That is only a good thing for comic book fans.

Does the huge The Dark World box office internationally surprise you? Will it help future Marvel projects, such as the lesser known Guardians of the Galaxy? Chime in below.

Source: Deadline