So, the Days Of Future Past trailer is totally awesome. We can all agree on that. It shows so many incredibly cool mutants. It hints at all sorts of action and drama. It even shows a brief sense of humor. It looks like the X-men are back, baby. It’s pretty much trailer gold. It reminds me of another trailer for a superhero movie; a trailer so good that I saw the film on opening night. Sadly it was not a movie I loved. It was the Man Of Steel trailer.

The comparison is not a stretch. Bryan Singer noted the influence in a recent interview, “[t]o be honest, I was very fond of the Man of Steel trailer. I felt really felt that it captivated the heart of that character. I wanted something similar to that.” He got it with his Days Of Future Past trailer.

Singer also mentioned that this movie will be notably darker than the past installments. Hopefully it earns that darkness, but judging by James McAvoy’s ‘I’m so torn apart inside’ beard and the state of the future that seems pretty likely. He also has plans to make the plot operate in multiple timelines at once. This seems pretty ambitious, but Singer is a talented artist and I have high hopes for his work. The last time a trailer got me excited like this, the movie bummed me out heavily. Despite that, I’m eagerly awaiting this film. I guess some people never learn.


Source: CinemaBlend