Ever since Star Wars: Episode VII has been announced, one of the worst kept secrets is that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are all returning. Of course, it is a poorly kept secret because Hamill and Fisher are open about it, but Harrison Ford has denied any knowledge of returning as Han Solo at every turn.

It is very funny listening to Ford deny his return, because he is obviously having fun with the denials.

Well, Jedi News has some details that makes it sound like Harrison Ford had verbally agreed to return to Star Wars as Han Solo even before Disney bought Lucas Film and announced that they were making Star Wars: Episode VII.

Of course, George Lucas has been working on the new Star Wars movie for awhile, so Ford had agreed to come back to the Han Solo role for Lucas. For it to become legal with Disney, there had to be actual agreements made and wrinkles to iron out. According to the site, those wrinkles have been ironed out and Harrison Ford is now officially on-board to return as Han Solo.

If true, this is great news. While Luke Skywalker was the hero of the original trilogy, Han Solo was the best character and rumors have Star Wars: Episode VII following Han and Leia’s kids and maybe even Luke’s kid as they take the Star Wars world into the next generation. That means it would be great to have Harrison Ford there as Han Solo to pass on the torch.

It appears that Harrison Ford’s requests were to see the Han Solo character arc even after Star Wars: Episode VII, and he is happy with what they presented him with. He also was told that a fifth Indiana Jones movie should be in the works by 2016, which was another request they agreed to work on. As a result, Han Solo will be in more than just Star Wars: Episode VII and the deal is now signed and delivered.

Source: Jedi News