Seth McFarlane’s live action debut Ted was a delightful surprise in 2012. The man knows how to make you laugh whether you like him or not. The film garnered so much success that it’s no shock studios are wanting more from him. McFarlane’s next project is titled A Million Ways to Die in the West, which currently stars Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried. Now, McFarlane has added two other big names to the roster.

According to First Showing, Liam Neeson and Giovanni Ribisi have boarded the new Seth McFaralane comedy. Neeson is said to play the role of an outlaw who McFarlane must rival against, and Ribisi’s role in the film is still uncertain. First Showing describes the film’s plot as follows:

The story follows a cowardly sheep farmer (MacFarlane) who chickens out of a gunfight, causing his woman (Seyfried) to leave him for another man. But the mysterious wife (Theron) of an outlaw rides into town, helps him find courage and makes him fall in love all over again. But when the woman’s husband returns, there’s trouble.

Giovanni Ribisi has done pretty well with McFarlane before, but it’s the addition of Liam Neeson that gets me excited. I honestly can’t wait to see him and McFarlane play off each other. Plus, this is the first comedy for Neeson since forever. A Million Ways to Die in the West currently does not have a scheduled release date.

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Source: FirstShowing