The Warcraft movie (called Warcraft), directed by Duncan Jones, officially has at least one actor attached to it. Vikings’ star Travis Fimmel (dweeby name for such a hunk) has been selected to play one of the lead roles in the Warcraft casting.

Dude definitely looks the part of a warrior straight out of Azeroth. I have seen a few episodes of Vikings, and it’s definitely a solid program. Fimmel does good work on that show as Ragnar Lothbrok, the Viking warrior with a taste for adventure. He brings surprising emotional depth to a character that could very easily be portrayed through sheer physicality. Instead of a doofy idiot, Fimmel gives us a nuanced character – at least as nuanced as a skull-crushing warrior of the North can be.

Alongside Fimmel, Colin Farrel’s name has been bandied around for a part in the upcoming film. It is really coming together, and for people like me who grew up with the war between Orcs and humans this is very exciting.

I wonder whether Fimmel will play a human or an orc though. I can’t imagine him as a creature of the undead, or a Tauren shaman, or a night elf ranger, but he certainly has a voice that can play as orc. Would a studio want to bury Fimmel’s looks beneath a presumably CGI Orcish visage? I hope so, especially if Colin Farrel is involved. Farrel would make for a great warrior who has seen too much and is drawn back to the field of battle. Positioning Fimmel as a charismatic relatable Orc to draw the audience into their culture could work really well.

That’s how I hope this plays out. There’s plenty of time for things to change though. Warcraft doesn’t begin production until early 2014.

Source: IGN