Thor: The Dark World is on rapid approach, which means Marvel is on high gear with promotions for their upcoming slate. Reently, Kevin Fiege and Alan Taylor sat down to discuss the new Thor movie, and the future for Marvel. While talking up all the various plans and ideas the studio has in mind, Fiege slipped some juicy details regarding Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. 

In the video below, Fiege explains that the new film isn’t just an Edgar Wright comedy. Feige explains when Wright jumped on board, the fan favorite director originally pitched the idea as a heist film. This isn’t too much of a shock considering Wright is known for taking conceptual comedy ideas and going absolutely nuts with them.

The Ant-Man discussion begins around 3:00 and also has a brief mention of Doctor Strange. Fiege also suggest an official casting announcement should hit before the year is out.

Here is the video below!

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This is pretty exciting stuff. I really wish all this Marvel stuff was around when I was younger. I had to settle for Power Rangers back then. Yeah, I watched Power Rangers back in the day. No regrets!

My question is, who is going to play Ant-Man? Last we heard, Paul Rudd was the front-runner for the character of Hank Pym. What do you think though? Who would you like to see play Ant-Man? Sound out with your casting choices below!

Source: IGNUK