The Breakdown

This week we start off with a montage. The boys are cleaning up the club and moving what’s intact to another location, a former ice cream shop. Nero sits in jail, the chick we met with last week, Venus,  is getting ready for something.

Sweet and VadedThey’re meeting up with the Mayor, and he’s telling them that the city is spooked, and the council is looking to find a way to get rid of the MC. Once he leaves, they set up the table and have their first meeting, discussing how low their current financial situation is. The 3 newest members are voted in, along with Rat’s promotion from Prospect to full member. Which I’m sure means he’ll die in this episode. Prospects never seem to last long, even turned full member.

We catch up with Tara, who’s taking her own blood for some reason. She chats with her boss for a second.

Nero & his lawyer meet up with the DA, who wants him to give up the club in exchange for his freedom. Just testify that they gave him the KG9s, and there you go. Her offer only lasts for 24 hours.

Sweet and VadedThe boys meet up with August, and fill him in on the current situation with the Irish and such. They then let Colin go.

Gemma meets up with Nero, and he tells her about the deal. They then talk about Venus. She mentions that her nephew is now in custody with Venus’ mother, Alice. Nero says this is no good, and asks her to get the nephew away from her.

Roosevelt & the DA get to talk about Braski, she wants him to look into his connections with the Sons & Biz-Lats.

Gemma asks Jax to help out Venus, but he’s reluctant. He agrees to hear her out after some prodding from Gemma. Venus talks about how before he became a women, when he was only 10, his mother use to get him drunk, have sex with him, and have her husband film it. This is all the Sons need to hear in order to agree. Venus says that her mom’s current husband is a bigger guy, and has some bigger friends. They don’t seem too worried.

Tara meets up with Uncer, and asks if he still has a friend whose a City Clerk, because she wants a restraining order. For whom? She won’t say.

The DA & Roosevelt meet up with Braski. She tells him that he’s gonna come up with some dirt on the Sons, or she’ll put all the pressure on him that she can.

Sweet and VadedThe boys arrive at Venus’ mother’s house. Venus asks Joey to leave, but her mother comes out and is a real treat. The mother’s boyfriend jumps up with a shotty, and once that goes off, a big fight breaks out. The mother takes this as a cue to grab the kid and make an escape in a mini-van. It turns out that the boy isn’t Venus’ nephew, but son. Jax and a few take off after Alice in a truck, with the others on their bikes. A few of the baddies show up in a car and ram Jax’s truck, so Venus pulls out a gun and empties it at the car, causing it to crash. Her mom, Alice gets away, and they figure Braski can help in locating her.

At the hospital, Uncer gives Tara the restraining order, but she still won’t tell him who it’s for.

They find out where Alice took Joey, a slummy portrait studio. When they arrive, they discover Joey’s been drugged, and then get the drop on Alice.  She goes on a bit of a rant, saying that the kid is going to hate his father, because of what a monster he is, and that he’ll kill himself once he finds out the truth. It seems to be effecting Jax, as he promptly blows her brains out. Which is awesome. I could watch child pornographers being shot point-blank all day long.

Sweet and VadedWendy shows up at TM, and tells Gemma a batch of lies that’ll sure enough have her fired up with both guns blazing. Which is obviously what the restraining order is for. Preemptive strike. Gemma & Tara get into a room together, where Tara tells her what the deal is, and they exchange a few slaps. However, Gemma won’t do anything serious because Tara is pregnant. So, this prompts Tara to slam herself into a table, busting the blood pack she made earlier, making it seem as if she may lose the baby.

Venus sends her son to Seattle on a bus. Gemma is being booked, while Nero hangs out in prison with his bunkmates having an intimate moment. Jax meets up with Tara, and it appears that she was never pregnant to begin with, but makes it seem as if she lost the baby. Jax signs the divorce papers

The Analysis

Sweet and VadedPersonally, I hope Venus becomes Tig’s Old Lady.

Tara has become quite the mastermind, and really far more deceptive than Gemma has ever been. I honestly can’t figure out what her beef with Gemma is, as she’s been nothing but kind to Tara. What the hell is Jax gonna do when the divorce papers come rolling in? It’s hard to tell if Tara is doing all this for her kids, or because she’s some what lost her mind.

As a whole, another great episode. I was happy to see Ratboy patch in, and actually not die. The stuff was Venus was a nice side-road to take for an episode that got us a car-chance, and a child pornographer shot in the head. Always a good time.