The Breakdown

Episode starts off at dawn, as Jax & Chibs look over the freshly blown to hell clubhouse. It’s still standing, but not much is inside, save for some support beams and a lot of rubble. Jax looks to Chibs and says “I did this”, to which Chibs offers no agree or disagree.

SalvageRoosevelt tells Jax that the “look the other way” deal that the Sons have with Charming just can’t go down anymore. Jax tries to tell him that he’s doing his best to get on the rightside of the law, and if Roosevelt presses on the club right now, it’ll do neither of them any good.

Gemma shows up to where Nero is being held and wants to see him. The cops aren’t game to this, so she merely pushes her way past, shoves a guard to the ground, and gets locked up with him. Since she digs him not wanting to be involved with the club, she tells Nero that she wants to figure out a way to be both there for the club & her family, as well as him

Jax shows up to Gemma’s house where the rest of the club is meeting. He heads to a room where Tara is to check on the kids. Abel is still a bit shaken up, but doing alright. At this point he gets a phone call from the Kings. He’s told he has to facilitate the buys for their new gun program, being ran by Clay, as payment for their treason. Jax then tells them that their guys are still alive, and he’ll set them free. This appears to be news to the 3 members that aren’t Gailand.

SalvageThe DA shows up to the police station and is quick to demand answers. The Sheriff then tells her that Nero was set up, that the evidence was too neat. She isn’t too concerned with all that. Good call, I say. It’s always best to look souley at the evidence, and back away from any gut feelings, instinct, or use of logic.

Tara drops the boys off at daycare, and then tells Uncer the plan. If she goes away, then she divorces Jax, and Wendy gets the kids and takes them out of Charming.

SalvageThe club is on their way to Chester, CA for a meet, and get pulled over by two motorcycle cops. They act like a couple of big boys, flipping the guys crap, and telling them that their bikes are going to be impounded, so they can check the serial numbers on each of them. Juice isn’t having it, and gets in a fight with one of’em. They tell the cops thanks but no thanks, because they know a scam when they see one. They quickly get on their bikes and begin a get away as back-up arrives. Juice steals one of their bikes, since they shot out one of his tires, and does his best to keep the back-up truck at bay. Meanwhile, Rat, who was ignored by the cops and has been parked a ways ahead, sees what’s going on and opens up the side hatch of the van. He drives around the cop truck, along side Juice, who jumps in as the cops run into the driver-less bike, and eventually flip over an embankment, allowing the Sons to get away. They arrive at Sun Point Lodge,  the meeting place for other charters. Amongst the other charters is Bobby and his group. Jax talks to the core members and wants them to reach out and find out where those cops would have taken their bikes to.

Gemma meets up with Clay, which thankfully isn’t conjugal. She passes along the message that he’s to move forward with the deal.

SalvageJax leads a meeting with all those who showed up, and says that near the end of his father’s life, he was conflicted. In doubt. He’s not like that. One thing he does have in common though, is he wants the Sons out of guns. 20 members in the last 2 years have died, and it’s all been tied to the gun business. He gives a pretty impassioned speech about no more violence, and earning money through legal means. This stirs up the group, as they all seem game for it.

Gemma shows up at the police station to speak to Roosevelt, and meets the DA. She tells him about everything she learned from Clay, and says that Nero isn’t the devil you’re looking for. Roosevelt says that if it comes out he was dirty, it’s gonna look bad, and she might want to get in front of it. First things first, they check the hotel room. They find guns, heroin, and the spot where the Marshall shot the girl. The DA just isn’t having it though, not until the DNA comes back.

SalvageJax asks Juice what the deal was today, and tells him that they’re straight, that everything is well. He then speaks to Tara, just to check up on things. Soon after, her lawyer shows up and says the DA has a deal for her. It’s of course a BS deal, in which she gives up Jax, and she gets immunity.

Bobby talks to Jax, and he isn’t going NOMAD, instead he was out recruiting new, solid members.

Gemma arrives at DelaRosa, and meets the lady from the previous season who the club used to take incriminating photos with someone else. She says that she knows Nero from a while back, when her mother use to work for him. When her mother went away, Nero looked after her. This was back when she was 15, and still male. She’s here now because apparently some no goodness went down.

The Sons arrive at the chop shop that the cops were using,  in order to execute some of their own no goodness. Jax & Happy approach the door, and get their way in before inviting the others. They find a rather large batch of stolen goods; bikes & porches, and decide the best course of action is to call the police. The two cops from earlier show up, and Jax tells them that Juice will be taking a bike, they’ll make sure no one knows the Sons were in Eden, oh, and they have to apologize to each member for their behavior. Which they do, and everyone seems to enjoy. At this point, we get the logo.

The Analysis

This was easily the best episode of the season so far. Great advancements in the story lines, while having a few light moments alongside with some action scenes that haven’t been as prevalent lately. Jax is finally coming into his own as President, and getting the club headed where it needs to be. It’s great to have Bobby back, as well as some new members to thicken up the ranks. The situation with Tara & Wendy really gives you no idea where it’s going to end up, other than you know it probably won’t be smooth. I’m looking forward to Clay’s attempted jailbreak, as well as the fate of Gailand, because you know Jax will not forget.