Derek Cianfrance (The Place Behind the Pines, Blue Valentine) is taking on yet another project: an adaptation of a 1990’s DC Comic story, “A Cotton Candy Autopsy”. The director revealed to Jeff Goldsmith on his podcast The Q&A that he will be reuniting with Place Behind the Pines co-writer Darius Marder in adapting a story from the comic book. This news comes only a month after Cianfrance announced his two other projects: The Light Between Oceans and the ESPN movie Those Guys Have All the Fun.

Cianfrance also announced that character-actor Ben Mendelsohn (The Dark Knight Rises, The Place Behind the Pines) is set to star in what he calls, “a crazy movie”.

What’s the comic book story about, you might ask? The story follows a group of drunken clowns named Bingo, Foo Foo, Joey Punchinello, and Addy the Freaklady who embark on a crime ridden road trip after one of them burns down their circus. 

The first thing I thought after watching The Place Behind the Pines was that the film was the product of someone operating on a level of hyper-productivity. If Blue Valentine wasn’t ambitious enough in transforming two beautiful and famous actors into future, disaffected versions of their younger selves, Place Behind the Pines not only spanned fifteen years but also shifted between separate narratives–the abstracted lives of Ryan Gosling’s criminal character, cop-turned-politician played by Bradley Cooper, and their scarred and wounded teenage sons. This sort of ambitious and epic scope is what defines up and coming directors. Even more significant, Blue Valentine was original and startling, a perfect debut feature, while A Place Behind the Pines felt more mature and accomplished. In other words, Cianfrance’s work is only getting better.

Adding this wholly original story to his list of future projects, Cianfrance has once again established himself as an up and coming filmmaker, one to keep our eye on in the foreseeable future.