Granite SlateWe pick up with Saul arriving at the Erase Your Life guy’s place of business. He’s told it’ll take a few days to get things goin, and that he’s gonna have to hang out with his bunk-mate, Walt.

We catch up Marie, who’s being taken home, and she finds that it’s all been ransacked, as the Nazis came to grab the tape. We go to the Nazi HQ and they’re watching the film that Jesse made. Uncle Jack wants to promptly kill Jesse, but Todd wants to hang on to him, as he’s a way into getting Lidia coming around. They decide to let Jesse live for a little while longer. Speaking of their guest, he’s down in his cave with the photo of Brock and his mom. The Nazi idiots left a paperclip, and Jesse starts to pick at his locks with it.

Walt & Saul are hanging out together in a bunker, and Walt wants to know all of Saul’s contacts in the Merc world. Saul then tells Walt that he should stay, to keep Skylar and the kids safe from heavy prosecution. Walt tells him nope, he’s gotta take out the Nazis first, and get the money back. Walt tells Saul that he could use him in his quest, and like it or not, he’s going for the ride. Well, Saul doesn’t like it and leaves as Walt goes into a coughing fit.

Skylar is with a bunch of feds, and they tell her she better come up with something they can use.

Later that evening, the cops are posted outside of Skylar’s house, and doing a pretty terrible job because Todd and some of his Nazi pals have crept into the house in order to interrogate her. They don’t want her speaking about Lidia in any way, shape or form. I tell you, if you want to ensure you die, have cops sit outside your house.

Todd meets up with Lidia at the coffee shop for their annual shareholders meeting. She’s bit stand-offish until Todd tells her he’s got 90lbs ready to go, at 92%. She also wants Skylar dead, not just scared. Man, hopefully she eats a bullet too.

Next we see Walt, he’s in New Hampshire, living my dream of living in a cabin up in the mountains. Of course, the dream is a bit skewed, as there’s no TV except 2 copies of Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, and no internet either. He sets to treck down to town, but feels a bit discouraged and decides to do it tomorrow. You kidding me? If I’m without internet, and at least one season of Seinfeld along with a few Friday The 13th’s and some Arnold films, well, all TV & no internet make Caliber go…something…something…

Back at Jesse’s pad, Todd brings him Ben & Jerry’s because his latest cook yielded 96%. He asks Todd to leave the tarp off, to which he obliges. Jesse is soon able to escape, although as he tries to make it to the top of the fence, the Nazis show up and thwart his plans. They then take him to Andrea’s house, and kill her right in front of him. I am salivating at the thought of the Nazis getting cut in half with a wall of gunfire or something similar. Salivating.

It’s been a couple of months now, and the man arrives back at the cabin with a load of newspapers and Ensure. He then administers chemo treatment to Walt, a tactic he’s apparently improved on since watching a series of videos on youtube. Seriously, what can’t you learn on youtube? He pays the guy a cool $10,000 to hang around for an hour. I don’t know, this guy’s company doesn’t seem worth 10k. Unless you want him around to act out parts in R. Lee Ermy films or something. After sitting around, Walt gets a bit of money together in an Ensure box, and wraps it up, ready for shipping.

Flynn is called from class, as Aunt Marie has called him. However, it’s a super-fake out, it isn’t Marie, it’s some chick at a bar that Walt paid as a cover. He talks to Flynn and tries to explain all that he can, as well as he can. He wants to send him money, but it’s a no-go. As Flynn freaks out, and tells his dad that he’s so Two-thousand and late with all this. He screams at him for killing Hank, as well as all he’s done to mom, promptly hanging up after the last accusation. Walt then calls the DEA, and says he’d like to speak to the agent in charge of the Walter White case, then leaves the phone off the hook. He sits at the bar, and has a drink. On the TV, he sees his partners from Grey Matter, who are underfire since a “meth kingpin” co-created the company. They completely insult Walt by saying he had nothing to do with Grey Matter, other than the name. Walt doesn’t take too kindly to this.

The local police swarm the bar, and open it to find only an empty glass.

Last Hit: For some reason, I had my numbers mixed up and thought this was the final episode. As the credits rolled, I thought that they’d delivered hands down the worst series finale in history. Thankfully though, that’s not the case. They’ve built up these final episodes so damn well, and I can honestly say I’ve never looked forward to a finale this much. I want nothing more than Walt getting sweet vengeance on every one, side by side with Jesse. Then I’d like Jesse to at least uppercut Walt right in the groin for his payment, and then take half of the $70 million and be on his way. Then, Walt comes clean, and gives up the remaining people involved, gets put in WitSec, and the final scene of the series is Walt being dropped off at a house with his new wife Lois, and her 4 boys.

See you Wednesday for Sons…