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Wreck-It Ralph

While Brave might have stolen the Oscar for Best Animated Film, the movie that really deserved the honor was Wreck-It Ralph. Now, the movie that reminded everyone of the video games they loved as a kid is hitting DVD and Blu-Ray this week.

The DVD version of this release includes a making of called “Bit by Bit,” alternate and deleted scenes, commercials and the Paperman short film. The Blu-ray includes all that plus a feature called “Disney Intermission,” where host Chris Hardwick allows you to pause the movie at various points as he leads you through an interactive look at the movie’s references. There is also a 3D version of the film.


Schindler’s List 20th Anniversary Limited Edition

It is hard to believe that, before Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg was not a respected director as far as prestigious awards were concerned. This movie, about Oskar Schindler, and his efforts at saving over 1,000 Jewish people from Nazi’s in World War II, forever changed how Spielberg was viewed. Now, 20 years later, the special edition hits to remind us of the brilliance he created.

Both the DVD and Blu-ray release of the movie includes a documentary with testimonies from the real-life people who Schindler saved during the Holocaust. Also included is the “USC Shoah Foundation Story with Steven Spielberg,” in which the director explains how Oskar’s story inspired him to create the foundation.


Red Dawn

The original Red Dawn was an awesome movie that comfortably lives in the ’80s and is a dark and gritty look at what young people will do in order to protect their home town from foreign invaders. The remake features a fantastic cast, including a great turn from both Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck, but is a watered down version that exchanges the grittiness of the original for a glossy, explosive look to draw in younger audiences. This movie is nowhere near as special as the original, although it is good for some dumb popcorn fun.

Amazingly, there are no special features on this DVD or Blu-ray.


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