I saw Troll Hunter two years ago at the deadCENTER Film Festival and was very, very impressed. It was a Norwegian found footage movie where a team of young film students were investigating illegal poaching only to learn that trolls really existed in the country. When I heard there was going to be an American Troll Hunter remake, I was less than thrilled.

Now, I understand that 90% of American movie goers won’t watch a sub-titled movie because, as the every man says, “I didn’t come to the movies to read.” That is why brilliant foreign movies like Let the Right One In and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo gets remade short years after they were released.

Let’s hope that the Troll Hunter remake turns out as well as those two movies. The reason the two I mentioned were so good was because names like Matt Smith and David Fincher handled the remakes. Troll Hunter is off to a great start because Neil Marshall has signed on.

For those who don’t know, Marshall directed the quite brilliant werewolf movie Dog Soldiers and the fantastic horror movie The Descent. He has also directed two episodes of Game of Thrones, including the amazing Blackwater episode.

The guy is amazing and if he can bring his unique touch to the Troll Hunter remake, it should be another surprising quality foreign remake.

Source: Deadline

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