Whether you like it or not, and I know opinions are mixed about this, Spike Lee is remaking Park Chan-wook’s masterpiece, Oldboy. This new version will star Josh Brolin as the man who is kidnapped and kept alone in a poorly decorated hotel room for fifteen years by an unknown antagonist for unknown reasons. Today a new Oldboy teaser dropped along with several new posters that appear to be marketing the film primarily around this period of detainment (you can see all of the posters below).

This is an interesting marketing choice. After all, most of the original takes place after the protagonist is back in the real world. Most of the drama is, in fact, generated by way of his reintroduction to society and his quest to discover who put him in that dingy room.

I’m intrigued by this advertising tactic. It can be read in one of two ways. Either they want to reveal as little as possible about the actual plot of the movie while still generating interest in the mystery, or they want to focus the movie much more on the events within the room. The first option is obviously the one that I hope for since the story beyond the Hotel California is so fascinating.

I’m worried though that there may be concern about how American audiences will accept what is a very shocking narrative. Hopefully the movie isn’t attempting to constrain itself in any way, and judging from the original trailer it’s not, but an adjustment would account for the movies delayed release and this approach to selling it.

Do you think Oldboy is being transformed in the new Hostel? Is this just a marketing scheme? Is this movie going to be good? How glad are you that it’s Spike Lee and Josh Brolin not Steven Spielberg and Will Smith? Let’s chat about it. Maybe over coffee?

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Source: Slash Film