This has been a major week so far in regards to cinema news. Yesterday, we had the major Batman-Superman announcement delivered from Latino Review, and today we get a brand new glimpse of the Iron Man 3 trailer thanks to fellow moviegoers in Mexico. Sadly, if you don’t speak Spanish, you’re not going to understand what the hell is going on. Our bi-lingual audience will have tons of fun though. Still, there is plenty to enjoy visually if you are a hardcore Iron Man fan.

Now, I’m not going to post the trailer on our page out of respect for the studio, however, I can break down what is significant in the video:

  • More Iron Man suits, and what appears to be an army.
  • Extra shots of Ben Kingsley as Mandarin.
  • First glimpse of Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian.
  • Awesome scene of Hulkbuster armor.
  • And the ever awesome Robert Downey Jr. telling Pepper Potts to run.

I think the trailer is next level and only raises my expectations for the film. It’s quite clear that Shane Black is an inspired choice as director for the project. Here is hoping Iron Man 3 succeeds in kick-starting Phase 2 for Marvel this Summer. 

The trailer can be viewed here for your enjoyment!

What do you think of the new leaked Iron Man 3 trailer? Tell us below!


Source: ComicbookMovies