Jerry Bruckheimer, who took it on the chin with The Lone Ranger, now has some free time due to Pirates 5 being pushed back until 2016. With that free time, he’s in talks to rejoin a couple of his previously successful franchises; Beverly Hills Cop, and Bad Boys 3.

With Beverly Hills Cop, Bruck’ was involved as a producer on the first two, and although the recent pilot for the BHC TV show didn’t get picked up, it kicked up enough buzz & interest for BHC 4 to finally be rescued from developmental hell.

As for Bad Boys 3, after saying that the film’s possibility was no more than hopes & dreams, he’s apparently now helping to develop the script.

I’m excited for Beverly Hills Cop 4. My hope is they don’t go the route of the TV and introduce the son, because we saw Brandon T. Jackson do that with Martian Lawrence in what I believe was the 36th sequel to Big Momma’s House. The first film is an obvious classic, while the 2nd one is pretty weak, and the third is pretty underrated.

As for Bad Boys 3, well, who wouldn’t get in line for that? My hope is that this time they finally show us the part of a man’s head where if you shoot it, it will explode.

SOURCE: ScreenRant