Man, I love that featured image.

Guess it’s just not enough for Batman and Superman to square off amongst themselves. According to casting call information making the rounds, a Batman love interest will appear in The Man of Steel sequel Superman Vs. Batman.

Batman love interestWill Clark and Bruce be fighting over Lois Lane? Now that would be interesting. However, the vague as always casting call outs are specifying a woman in her late 20s, all ethnic denominations acceptable, to try out for the role of the Batman love interest. See, this coulda been a lot easier of they would’ve just gotten Bale and Hathaway to sign on…because we all know that Catwoman is the only one who could pluck Batman’s wings. Unless, of course, we’re talking about Talia al Ghul…and then all bets are off. Come to think of it, making the auditions open to women of any cultural background makes this news more exciting…could Talia actually be a turncoat that aids Superman fight his nemesis? Given the inevitable otherworldly and alien direction the intended Justice League film could take, it’s not too crazy to imagine.

Besides a woman in her 20s of any ethnic background, the Batman love interest casting call also specifies a gal who is tall and possesses some physicality. This Renegade Reporter has already read about the possibility of Wonder Woman being thrown into the Superman Vs. Batman mix and will go on record right now as crying “False!” Unless this comes to fruition; then I will gleefully and shameless retract said prediction.

What do you guys and gals think? Who should be cast as the Bruce Wayne/Batman love interest in Superman Vs. Batman?

Source: Latino Review