Last month, Warner Bros. all but stole the show at the San Diego Comic-Con with the announcement of the Superman/Batman movie. Zack Snyder, the director of Man of Steel and the new upcoming film, made the announcement theatrically by having Harry Lennix read some famous lines from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. The fans in attendance in Hall H, and all around the world were shocked by the exciting news. According to Slash Film, among the surprised people was none other than Frank Miller himself.

Apparently, Miller had no idea at all that WB was intending on using the two characters, much less pitting them against each other as he famously did in TDKR. Now that he does know, he’s going to be helping out with the film. The Independent has a source which tells them that Miller has scheduled a meeting with Snyder to “go over plans” for the film. It’s currently unknown whether this means Miller will help write the script, serve as a consultant for the film, or just be learning the plans for the film from his friend Snyder.

Snyder helped make his name by adapting Miller’s graphic novel 300┬áback in 2007, and will also be serving as a producer for its sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire.

When I first learned of the plans for this new project, I was immediately excited. However, I became very nervous when they mentioned that the film would be inspired by TDKR. I have grown a strong dislike and distaste bordering on hatred for Miller’s later work, especially regarding the relationship between Batman & Superman. I don’t have any faith at his creative abilities at all at this point, and the prospect that he may be a co-writer for this film makes me even more nervous than I was before.

Source: SlashFilm