Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most popular villains, yet when it came time to put him in a movie it was fumbled horribly. As much as I love Sam Raimi, his treatment of Venom was horrible – and that all comes down to the fact that he didn’t want the character in his movie at all. Well, it looks like a Venom movie might be getting a second chance, this time in a solo film.

Venom has to be attached to Spider-Man, because the entire basis of the character is that it is vengeful because Peter Parker rejected it. Therefore, they need to have it appear first in Spider-Man for it to work right, but it looks like they might be going at it from a different angle. According to Amazing Spider-Man 2 producer, the Venom movie might come before they tie it into the Spider-Man franchise.

Of course, this would have to mean that Venom chose a human host before Peter Parker. Right now, it is just talk though.

“There’s nothing formal or official, but it’s always been a dream to make that movie,” Matt Tolmach said. “We’re just not there yet. Right now we’re sort of fixated on this. But is there a sense that down the road things are going to happen? Sure.”

In 2012, Josh Trank as supposed to take on the Venom movie, but he is working on Fantastic Four now. Gary Ross was also attached at one point. One thing that is known is that Tolmach and Marvel’s Avi Arad said that the story would focus on Eddie Brock and center on his story – getting fired and humiliated and then taking on the form of Venom.

Source: craveonline