Bruno Sammartino is getting into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013, and anyone who has followed wrestling for years knows it is well overdue. The man was wrestling before anyone ever heard of Hulk Hogan and he sold out 187 events at Madison Square Garden long before the “Rock ‘n Wrestling Connection” was ever dreamed up. Now, younger wrestling fans can get a chance to learn who Bruno Sammartino is because WWE Studios are making a movie based on his life.

Paul Rosenfelt will direct the movie, co-written alongside Paul Guay. The movie will take us through Sammartino’s life, from his childhood as a sick child whose family hid out from the Nazis in Italy, through their¬†immigration¬†to America, and into his very successful wrestling career.

Darren Aronofsky proved with The Wrestler that a great movie based in the world of professional wrestling was possible, so now it is up to the WWE to prove they can repeat that success.

The news states that the movie will remain honest and accurate, and legends like Hulk Hogan, Ivan Koloff, Larry Zbyszko, Superstar Billy Graham and Vince McMahon Sr. will all be portrayed.

Source: Pro Wrestling Scoops