Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in horror movies before, specifically the Satan returns flick End of Days, and while that not one of his better efforts, it has some positive points in it and a wonderful turn by Gabriel Byrne as Satan. Now, Arnie is coming back to horror for – of all things – an Arnold Schwarzenegger zombie movie.

Now, before you think that we are going to see Arnie running around blasting zombie’s in the head with a shotgun, this is more of an indie effort that takes a unique look at the zombie genre, kind of like Warm Bodies. Maggie tells the story of a father whose daughter is turning into a zombie, and his efforts to help her come to terms with her fate.

Last year, Chloe Moretz was on board to star as the daughter, but she has pulled out due to scheduling conflicts. Schwarzenegger will also produce the movie and commercial director Henry Hobson will direct the low-budget affair. Timur Bekmambetov was at one time supposed to produce it, but he has also seemingly pulled out as well. Schwarzenegger replaces Paddy Considine in the role.

Honestly, replacing Considine in the role with Schwarzenegger is a huge step down, and I am sure even Arnie fans would admit that. This movie needs a great actress in the role as the daughter as well, and with someone of Arnie’s age as the dad, they could go anywhere from a teenager to a 30-year-old and it would still work.

The script for Maggie was on the Hollywood Black List, the best un-produced scripts out there. How does this movie sound to you and how does Arnie in the title role sound? Let us know below.

Source: Variety