True Blood Your No GoodBefore we get into today’s recap, I would just like to thank the True Blood writing team for finding an excuse to get Jessica into something, as Bill put it, ‘inappropriate’. We haven’t seen Jessica in anything of the sorts since the end of season 4, and it was more than due. Fantastic.

Today’s episode starts with Bill telling Jessica that he saw the future, and everybody was burning in the sun. But he’s not going to let that happen.

Over at the Governor’s place, Eric is working the magic with the elected official’s daughter. He tells her that she’s going to die for what her father has done, and she isn’t going to scream. She complies, and then offers up some info for Eric about her father and others conducting experiments on other vampires.  He deems this note-worthy and decides to hold off on the killing. He taker her back to Fangtasia, where he tells Pam & Tara to pack up. They’re going to posse out. Before hand, Eric needs to interrogate the Gov’s daughter. She tells him about how her father and a few others have been misappropriating funds. Instead of working on roads & city repair, they’ve been building a camp where they keep vampires to study them from the inside out. Once Pam has packed up, they head over to Ginger’s place to crash & regroup.

Back over at Bill’s place, he tells Jessica that Lilith showed him the way, that he can walk in the sun. She thinks he’s reaching, and he thinks in no time he’ll be chilling outside with one of those tin-foil sun-tanning things you always saw people in the 80’s & 90’s using. He waits outside, and once the sun comes up he bursts into flames, barely making it back into the house.

At Sookie’s house, it appears that Warlow is lurking outside, so Grandpa heads on out along with Jason. However, Jason immediately collapses with some sort of head pain, and Grandpa teleports like a mad-man. They get back into the house, and Grandpa says he’s going to head out to the Fairy Camp. He gets there only to find everyone slaughtered. He’s able to pick up the energy from the blood pools & figure out what went on. It appears a vampire showed up and laid down the heavy hand. Outside of the club, Gramps finds Ben, who apparently has been just wandering out in the woods. Alright, it’s official, he’s Warlow. They didn’t show us the vampire through the Fae’s memories, and Ben was just wandering through the woods this entire time? Plus, it’s pretty lucky he was just barely attacked by the vampire. Alright, I was wrong before, but this time I know I’m right. That sucker is Warlow. Anyway, Grandpa asks him to help out Sookie & repay her kindness. He’s down.

We’re shown what I believe to be the vampire detainment camp that the Governor’s daughter spoke of, along with a vampire in a hood. After a moment it’s revealed to be Steve Newlin. Soon, his ex-wife shows up to rub it in his face that she’s doing well, and looking forward to his ill fortunate. A doctor shows up and wants to know about Eric Northman, which Newlin is more than happy to talk about.

Over at the Sheriff’s station, Andy is going through all the new anti-vampire equipment when Holly shows up. She says that vampires have been bothering her family at the hotel they’ve been staying at, and she wants Andy’s help. She then meets his daughters, who are now around the age of 13.

Sam & Lafayette finally wake up, and learn that they were helped by Nicole and her chums from the Vampire Unity Society. They want to help, but Lafayette tells them they’d be best to just forget the whole thing.

Cops show up at the place where Alcide’s pack resides, as they’re looking for Emma. She’s being kept in a house the cops enter, however she shifts, they apologize, and all returns to well.

Over at Stately Compton Manor, Bill wants to find one of the scientist who helped synthesize TruBlood. Jessica asks to help, and eventually Bill allows it. This is where he tells her to wear something inappropriate, as the dude has a thing for younger woman. Yeah, what a shock, this dude has something for smoking hot red-heads with an incredible body? Well, she shows up to where this guy is teaching, and convinces him to come with her.

While she’s doing that, Bill has gone to Sookie’s house in order to find out if she’ll help him out. He wants to have her blood synthesized. I assume so vampires every where can drink it and become daywalkers. We get another look at Bill’s new powers, as he enters Sookie’s house without an invite. Jason tries to defend the house, only to get pinned up against the wall, like Richard Pryor in Superman III. Bill asks Sookie if she’ll help, to which she declines. It seems like Bill isn’t going to take no for an answer. However, Sookie says if what they had meant anything, he’ll leave, to which he does. Before leaving however, he tells her that she’s dead to him. Simple enough.

Nicole and her friends decide they’re going to hit up Alcide’s pack in hopes of some peace talk. Or at least with hopes of getting a shift on camera. However, the wolves are quick to figure this out and tear the group apart. Nicole is about to get it, but Alcide interjects. While this is going on, Sam, who’s been posing as an owl at the camp, shifts back and grabs Emma, then darts off into the woods.

At Ginger’s place, Eric and the Gov’s daughter are sharing a coffin. Naturally, because Eric is like, moonwalker cool, the girl is all about him. Telling him that her mother had an affair with a vampire, and lives out in California. Soon, her father calls, and he & Eric have a discussion. While this is going on, Tara is sitting with the daughter, and over hears Eric talking to her father, about how he’s going to kill his daughter. He of course realizes that they’re trying to trace his phone, so once again the gang posses out. However, when they go to get Tara & the Governor’s daughter, they realize Tara has split with her.

Back at Sookie’s place, it turns out that Eric’s sister has been hanging outside the house, also looking for Warlow. Before the Granddad can get the info on why, she darts off.

Across the way, Bill is heading home when he’s stopped by Sheriff Andy, who’s out enforcing curfew. They chat for a minute, when Bill catches a whiff of one of Andy’s daughter’s stuffed animals, and realizes that they’re Fae. Apparently, he plans on being a no-good-knick. And we’re out.

Last Word: Season 6 is moving along wonderfully. So far, it’s the best season since three. The escelaiting war between the humans & vampires is great, and it’s obviously leading to some sort of massive crescendo.  The Warlow story is one of the better arcs they’ve had in a while, with a lot of moving pieces & interesting characters. What Bill is, or has planned is anyone’s guess, but it’s interesting to see him flex his new found abilities in each episode. Also, something is wrong with Jason, as he has these constant head-aches and on last glance he looked like warmed-over death. The series keeps chugging along at a fine pace, and as such makes it all that much more a regret we’re only getting 10 eps this season as opposed to the regular 12. Jessica Hamby, sweet fancy Moses.