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‘World War Z’ Trailer No. 2 Premiere

Well, after long last, we finally have a longer glimpse of Marc Forster’s film adaptation of World War Z. The new trailer gives us a better idea of how the story is handled in the context of the novel, which is still not even close to what the book accomplished. Here is the World War Z trailer below:


It’s extremely difficult to dismiss the trailer as not being entertaining. It kind of reminds me of how WB made an interesting film based off of I Am Legend, but was nothing like the source material. Still, if the studio never planned on making the actual novel, they should have used a different name than World War Z. Also, it concerns me greatly that we haven’t received a decent shot of what the zombies will look like. If they go full zombie CGI the whole film, just as they did in I Am Legend, then I will boycott this sucker.

What do you think of the new trailer for World War Z?

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