Bryan Cranston hates Godzilla

Bryan Cranston Explains Why He Hates Godzilla

Actor Bryan Cranston took some time to talk to Fandango and in the interview, he spilled some shocking secrets. The biggest of which was that Cranston hates Godzilla. Check out the video below to learn why Bryan Cranston hates Godzilla.

Wow. I mean, I completely understand how, after 50 years as a major movie star, Godzilla would have such a bad attitude, but this is Bryan Cranston – Walter White, for God’s sake. And then when Godzilla interrupted the interview to call the host – and from Tokyo of all places. That is so much like Godzilla!

Seriously, though, this is why I love Bryan Cranston. He can make every moment fun and has perfect comic timing. Seriously, Bryan Cranston hates Godzilla! Perfection.

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  • Oscar M Ortega

    elizabeth olsen calls godzill a bitter old man hahahahaha

    • It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he was! Damn kids!

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