It’s Carrie’s Birthday: You Will Know Her Name

The FedEx guy showed up today and brought a special treat from Sony. Inside the box was a coffee mug from the movie Carrie with the tag line “You Will Know Her Name” on it over a silhouette of her face. It also came with a card that asked me to call Carrie and wish her a happy birthday.


It was a very similar message (if not the same) that we were sent to call a few months back where Carrie answers the phone before her mother grabs her and – from the sound of it – punishes her severely for answering the phone. It ends with Carrie’s mom telling us not to call this number again.

Then, Sony offers callers a chance to opt in to receiving messages and news from the site itself about the upcoming Stephen King adaptation. The phone number is 1-855-522-7713 (which spells cheesily Scarrie)


As a HUGE Stephen King fan (check out my Stephen King dollar baby documentary Kickstarter here), this was a really exciting surprise gift. Of course, the one down point is that it broke while in transit through FedEx! Time to bust out the super glue!


Carrie opens in theaters on Oct. 18, 2013


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