Machete Kills trailer

New clip of Michelle Rodriguez in action from Machete Kills

Comic-Con 2013 Machete KillsWhen she’s not being fast & furious [see, this is the type of humor you can only find at RC, baby!] you can find Michelle Rodriguez as the female revolutionist, She, in the latest Robert Rodriguez film, Machete Kills. Recently a clip was released of her engaging in wall to wall action, as she aids Danny Trejo’s character, the man named after his passion, Machete. To view the clip, simply click the link at the bottom

The first film in the franchise  started as nothing more than a fake trailer to go along with a few others that were shown during Grindhouse, Rodriguez & Tarantino’s homage to 70’s drive-in exploitation B-movies. It received such a buzz that it was eventually turned into a full length feature, done in the same style as Death Proof & Planet Terror.

For me, I was disappointed by Machete. I was excited to see Steven Seagal back in a big-budget film, but he just wasn’t Seagal. I felt a lot of the humor was forced, the story was muddied, and the film just ran too long. I dig Trejo, and believe him to be the hardest working man in showbiz. On his bad-assness alone I’ll be checking out Machete Kills, despite not digging the original very much. I’d be lying if I said that Sofia Vergara isn’t a big reason as well.

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