Blu-Ray Special Features

The anthology is all DVD purchasers get, but anyone who buys the Blu-ray also gets all the cash in attempts.

The first was from New Years Revolution 2006 and we see the very end of the Elimination Chamber match between John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Carlito, Kurt Angle, Chris Masters and Kane. We join the match with Cena, Masters and Carlito as the only three left. Carlito pins Masters and then Cena pins Carlito to win the match. Cena was a bloody mess and then Vince McMahon came out and presented Edge, who cashed in his briefcase. Cena actually kicked out of the first spear, but Edge became the first person to successfully cash in his chance.

Then we got our first of two full length matches when Rob Van Dam cashed in at One Night Only and beat Cena in front of a pro-ECW crowd in the Hammerstein Ballroom. It was easily one of the best WWE title matches when the crowd reaction is concerned.

Next, we saw Edge cash in after Mark Henry beat up The Undertaker on an episode of Smackdown, CM Punk cash in on Edge on an episode of Raw after Batista beat up Edge, CM Punk cash in at the Extreme Rules PPV after Jeff Hardy beat Edge in a ladder match, and Jack Swagger cash in on Chris Jericho, who was beaten up by Edge.

It was interesting to see that Edge was involved in five of the six first cash ins, either in the preceding moments, as the one who cashed in or as the one cashed in on.

Next up was the first and only time the WWE Money in the Bank was cashed in on the same show it was won. Kane won the MITB match, and then Rey Mystetrio successfully defended his title against Jack Swagger. After the match, Swagger beat down Rey but Kane saved him and beat up Swagger, chasing him to the back. Then Kane returned and cashed in to win it.

Next up was a very nice special feature. This was when The Miz cashed in on Randy Orton. After the match, the camera followed The Miz to the back where Triple H and Michael Hayes shook his hand in the Gorilla Position before Vince McMahon hugged him and told him he deserved it. He was then congratulated by wrestlers, including his old partner John Morrison. Miz said “I’m not the Jannetty” and Morrison said “neither am I.” The Miz hugged John Cena and thanked him for all the help. It was a great moment.

Then we saw Alberto Del Rio cash in on CM Punk and Daniel Bryan cash in on The Big Show. The full John Cena vs. CM Punk match was next where Big Show attacked Cena to cause the DQ and Cena was the first person to unsuccessfully cash in the briefcase. That was also the match where CM Punk attacked The Rock to start their feud. Finally, the last one was the Dolph Ziggler cash in against Alberto Del Rio.

The Analysis

This entire Blu-ray is full of fantastic matches, both exciting spot-fests and more strategic matches as well. Men like Shelton Benjamin, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk became stars thanks to their performances in the matches and there is not really a bad match in the entire set. Add in all the cash ins on the Blu-ray edition and this is an easy recommendation.