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Renegade: “A rebellious individual who rejects conventions or laws of a group”

Renegade Cinema was created by long-time movie critic Shawn S. Lealos as a place for people to come to get their daily dose of the best geek news on the Internet. Whether it is the latest news about a Marvel Comics movie, a video game adaptation, a trashy B-grade action movie, or the latest in comic book news, Renegade Cinema wants to be your home.

We also refuse to conform to the laws of the politically correct masses. The writers here at Renegade Cinema will speak their mind. They may not always agree with each other, but they will tell you how they really feel and pull no punches, studios and Hollywood royalty be damned.

We do not intentionally violate any copyrights. If you feel that something on our sites violates or misuses your copyright, please contact us and we will take down the item in question within 24 hours.


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