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Directed By: John S. Baird
Written By: Irvine Welsh (Book) & John S. Baird (screen adaptation)

Cast: James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Imogen Poots

Based on the book by Irvine Welsh, the movie Filth is aptly named. A crooked cop’s cocaine addled decent into diabolical debauchery. One would expect no less from the mind that created the cult novel Trainspotting, though Filth brings drug induced madness to a whole new level. James McAvoy plays Bruce, a police officer that manipulates and humiliates in an effort to get the promotion he thinks he so justly deserves, while on a bender that would put Charlie Sheen to shame. 

If the baby/ceiling scene from Trainspotting wasn’t enough of a deterrent, you can follow up with this flick. In fact, if the movies that are based on the books of Irvine Welsh were shown in lieu of the psa announcements sponsored by the D.A.R.E. program, I imagine there would likely be a lot less narcotic use.


Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

James McAvoy proves his acting chops while obliterating any wholesome image that may have remained from his role in The Chronicles of Narnia. There are no illusions of Charles Xavier-like  nobility in Filth either. Though the drug of choice may be different, the story of Filth still has the same uncomfortable comedy we saw in Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting adaptation, in addition to colorful supporting personalities and an ending that is as twisted as a cork screw.

Though in this flick, the supporting characters take a back seat to James McAvoy, who steals the show in it’s entirety as Bruce, with convincing erratic behavior, increasingly haggard appearance and an ability to curse fluently that tops anything that has previously been seen before on the American silver screen. I think Cooper said it best in the flick EuroTrip, ” Wow. You guys are on like a completely different level of swearing over here.”


Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

Nudity, foul language, sex (with minors even), drugs, alcohol and violence, you name it and it is in the script. And like an eminent train wreck, you cannot look away.

If your favorite addiction hasn’t been covered yet by the numerous films made  from Welsh’s literature, fear not, a new one is in the works. A sequel to Trainspotting titled Porno will follow our favorite Edinburgh junkies as they delve into the sordid world of pornography.

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